Ziplines, Surfing and the Costa Rican Sunset – Then Back To Work!

I’m back!

Did you even know I was gone? 😉

I know you didn’t really miss me, but it was an adjustment for me stepping away from the laptop and taking the week off to enjoy March Break with the family!

What an adventure we had! Over the last 6 years or so, March Break usually consisted of a relaxing week at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. I was always craving sleep, using the first two days simply to decompress. I would take three books with me and lie poolside with a frozen drink by my side. I did look up to see what the kids were up to and to make sure I could still see their heads bobbing above the waves, but I used the days to catch my breath.

This year, catching up on sleep wasn’t a priority – showing the kids that there is more to traveling than the all-you-can-eat buffets – was. A number of our friends had been to Costa Rica and loved it. We jumped on board. We stayed in a popular surf town called Tamarindo. As we drove in, my youngest, Jamie, was petrified and car sick (the roads can be difficult to maneuver). She yearned for the misting cool spray as we checked into the resort, the lush gardens and the stocked mini fridge (none of which she would see). Driving through town we maneuvered around shoeless surfers, family golf carts and people selling food out of their cars. It was brilliant! The fear of day one, turned into love by day three. We embraced the change and ditched the fancy clothes. We sported bathing suits everywhere we went and if we really wanted to make an effort, we brought our flip flops with us. Surfing lessons were first up – we all managed to get up, swallow half the ocean and retreat to the safety of land. We came, we tried, we have the pictures 😊. Ziplining was next on the agenda. Tony, who has never in his life been on a rollercoaster was petrified, anxious and deep down pissed at me for making him be a “team player.” I, on the other hand, wanted to ride like superman or upside down. 11 lines later – the kids were all smiles and eager to do it again. I’ll refrain from commenting on Tony who would much rather curl up in a fetal position then go again (FYI, it had nothing to do with the actual ride itself, more his ridiculous thoughts that we all were going to die).

Surprisingly, our favourite activity was the ATV ride. We saw the backroads and landscape of the area while eventually getting to some spectacular beaches we had no clue existed. By the end we all looked like extras from the film Mad Max. There was still plenty of time to relax as we enjoyed the Langosta Beach Club each day across from our condo.

The shops, restaurants and vibe of the town were eclectic and electric. We ate at restaurants on the beach, watching the most spectacular sunsets. For Andie, my eldest, this was Instagram heaven (if only the Wifi had been better). We met up with a ton of families from Ottawa and enjoyed meals out with them as well. If I still had my clothing allowance from work, I would have bought every single item in town. The clothes, jewelry and bags were amazing. We could have taken in more of the country, but for our first time being a little more adventurous, I am thrilled with the experience.

Now it’s just getting through the endless loads of laundry!

By the way…my podcast (on Google Play and iTunes and YouTube)this week is with food specialist Korey Kealey. No word of a lie, Korey has taught me to cook. Every single time I interviewed her on CTV Morning Live, I was inspired. I left with new ideas, information and options. Her passion for food and cooking is well described in this podcast, with emphasis on food intolerances, allergies and the food industry itself. You will also learn that the only things you really need in the kitchen are carrots, celery, onion and a really good knife…They are the base of everything 😊

Bon Appetit!