Trainer Workouts

Tosca Reno
The NY Times Best Selling author and weight loss specialist Tosca Reno continues to bring her experience, knowledge and know-how to any age demographic or ability. I’m always up for trying something new and Tosca was very persuasive in giving rebounding a try. I must admit I can see where she is coming from and why it works.

Mia St-Aubin
Founder of the Parliament Hill Bootcamp and the Get Fit With Mia Challenge, Mia brings her energy directly into the space she’s working with. In our case, my family room. Mia helps demonstrate how you can be creative without the gym equipment or set up. We touch on a few combinations that could help in your overall training.

Sarah Zahab
Sarah Zahab of Continuum Fitness is a Registered Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist. She is also the creator of the Prenatal and Postnatal Strength Workout- so it seemed quite fitting to turn to Sarah for more information on what many woman suffer from – “The Mommy Tummy”. In these segments we discuss Diastasis Recti and ways we can try to avoid the condition and what do to if you do suffer from what is also known as abdominal separation.

Ramona Braganza
A native of Brockville, Ramona was back home not long ago to help raise money for her charity 3-2-1 Empower. While many of her clients depend on her for keeping them on track in their roles, Ramona also emphasizes the need for movement, even for the non-athletic types and the elderly. We break down a few critical movements that she feels is essential for everyone. Don’t expect a workout format from her, rather a reminder to instil basic functioning movement.

Pat Woodcock
I met Pat just as we had both finished our NCAA athletic careers and graduated from university. I had just started my job as a sports anchor and he was heading off to life in professional football. Our lives would continue to cross time and time again. When Pat retired from playing football he co-founded the Elite Performance Academy, training upcoming future elite athletes. However, it’s not all about producing future superstars asPat maintains a strong emphasis on healthy living, movement and fitness for everyone at any age and at any level. Pat was one of my contributors to my “Today’s The Day” segments on CTV Morning Live and I knew he would be a great resource for these “workout segments.” When I approached him I asked that we break down simple movements into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. He had some great suggestions and I believe you will find something for everyone.

Stephanie Karlovits
Stephanie is the CEO and Founder of Epic Fitness. Stephanie and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2014 which I think for both of us was an important life challenge and experience. She was also a regular contributor to my “Today’s The Day” segment on CTV Morning Live.