About ME

"I'm making the leap of faith in my own life and I hope you’ll take the leap with me!"

What an adventure life has been so far

At various times along the way I could distinguish myself by a certain title: Daughter, Gymnast, Sports Anchor, Wife, Mother, Morning Show Host and each role has shaped who I am today.

I attended the University of Massachusetts/Amherst on a full NCAA gymnastics scholarship and graduated with two business degrees. I cherished my time as a student/athlete and loved the thrill of competing.

I spent 20 years as a Television Broadcaster. Ten years as a sports anchor and almost another ten as the host of CTV Morning Live. Essentially, I became a storyteller and loved it. Athletes, Olympians, Authors, Chefs, Celebrities, Community & Political Leaders…you name the subject, I covered it!

Lianne Laing, Gymnast

Perhaps my greatest adventure so far has been as a mother. My husband Tony and I, have two curious, adventurous and wonderful daughters, Andie and Jamie. I strive to be the example they need in this ever-changing world. My wish is for them to feel confident in their own bodies, invigorated by new challenges and curious about the world around them. Charity is also a major influencer in our lives. Year after year I’ve donated my time to dozens of charities here in Ottawa and abroad. I’ve been exposed to incredibly inspiring people and I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to tell their stories.

Lianne and family on the set of CTV Morning Live

Through all of this I maintained my passion for health, fitness, healthy living and nutrition and recently started to feel the gravitational pull to help others achieve a healthy life balance as well.

I’m no longer setting the alarm at 3:40am to wake up a city and get them off to school and work. My focus now is waking up the person inside all of us to feel better, be better, do better.

Lianne laughing