In the Kitchen

Rachel Caven
Nutritionist and Director of the Caven Nutrition Group specializes in healthy and sustainable weight loss, digestive issues, hormone health and stress. In these two segments we focus on some of the major errors we are making in the kitchen, when it comes to sugar and the misconceptions of “healthy eating.”

Korey Kealey
Culinary Expert, author and the founder of Kitchen Konnected, Korey Kealey has mastered every aspect of what happens in our kitchens. She has toured the country presenting products and recipes which promote health and wellness and delivered her own recipes and creations for busy families on the run. Before we get cooking, we break down the simple and important aspect of meal planning and food prep.

Maureen Brice
Moringa is the new “it” superfood. Chef to the stars Maureen Brice breaks down what it offers and how to consume it. It’s said to help manage blood sugar levels and stabilize histamine production. It's also said to be a great natural energy booster.

Melanie Reid
I was thrilled when Melanie, a mother of 4, launched her business and I was excited for her to share her advice on kids eating habits and patterns. I am incredibly guilty of throwing in the pre-packaged snacks and treats into my daughters’ lunches. I blame my lack of baking skills for most of it, but in all honesty, I should be making the effort to help balance their intake. I try and compromise my own thinking that the double dipped Granola bar is offset by the carrots – but I know better. Melanie offers quick and easy recipes with added nutritional value that helps keep their sugar levels consistent and their brains focused on learning.