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I'm incredibly fortunate that I was introduced to a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age!

Before I even began my training as a gymnast, I remember my family being very active. We would get on our bikes and go for long rides, using city pathways to get us from one end of the city to the other. Inactivity was not an option and I understood early the difference between a healthy snack and a treat. My mom, who is closing in on her 70’s is still an avid skier, hiker and cyclist, who enjoys pilates, hitting the gym and lifting weights. I love that about her. My dad died young of a massive heart attack at 57. It shook my world. I have experienced firsthand how the investment in one’s health has a significant impact on the quality of one’s life. I am hoping to instill this way of thinking for my daughters as well.

I was a competitive athlete from a very young age, and maintained a heavy training schedule until I retired from gymnastics at the age of 21 after a successful NCAA career. My time management skills developed early: get up, go to school, train, come home, do homework, catch up with friends, go to bed - repeat. 

I learned how to juggle the schedule and my brain functioned better when my body was moving. During a workout, I can physically feel the endorphins release, the stress dissolve, my negative thoughts ease and my creativity soar. In a sense, I've become addicted to that feeling.

My desire is to shift your outlook and thought process, so that you accept once and for all that you aren't being selfish taking time for yourself. You are giving yourself and your family a better chance to enjoy a more fulfilled life.

I spent years on CTV Morning Live working with trainers, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, authors etc. for my "Today's the Day" daily health segments. I've interviewed hundreds of experts in studio and I’m looking to bring that information to you once again. This section is an opportunity for them to share their knowledge with you.

As a contributor for Ottawa At Home Magazine, my “Fit at Home” articles demonstrate that you can also achieve success without the expensive gym membership.