Ageing in reverse and admitting to a grey zone….

Working out the work out Schedule

Getting to the gym has never been an issue for me. Training 4 hours a day as a gymnast was my introduction to this lifestyle. From the age of 6-21 it was all I knew. With that being said, finding 45 minutes to an hour is more of a necessity to get my endorphins going and my brain functioning. I crave my workouts. For others, this lifestyle and habit is more difficult to achieve. It might even be dreaded. The release of my latest podcast touches on so much of this as many of you are beginning this new year with goals, resolutions and big dreams.

Here is what you missed since the breakdown was not included last week:

Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

Are you all in? I mean “All or Nothing” when it comes to your new years resolutions? No room for failure on any given day. If that’s your outlook, you may run into roadblocks that will have you heading in the wrong direction. Somewhere in there, there needs to be a Grey Zone. Wellness consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, author and mental health advocate Lydia Di Francesco has this zone well planned out; with room for miscues and missteps.

Not everyone has the luxury to afford gym memberships, personal trainers and wellness coaches to help achieve your health and wellness goals. However, I promise you on this podcast we are try to get as much covered as possible. We aim to provide you with steps, guidelines and suggestions on how to achieve the life you want.

We talk meditation, journaling, gratitude, workouts, food prep, attitude, consistency, accountability and the list goes on.

Lydia also has provided everyone with free downloads for her Gratitude and Success Journal, The Ultimate At-Home Workout Guide, and her 5-Day Simplify Life Challenge. How AWESOME is that!!!

You can also check out more information on her website

So much more to come

I have three podcasts slated for taping this week and I continue to look to build content from guests all over the world. Health, relationships, communication, sex, alternative therapies, addiction and your place in the workforce all slated topics in the coming weeks. 🙂

With that being said, I would love to package what my girlfriend Susan has been able to do as we celebrated her 50th birthday this weekend. I am in awe of her energy, health and the fact she seriously looks 30! It just makes me realize how much of ageing is in our heads. I am striving to feel younger and be stronger as the years increase in numbers. I am striving each year to be the best version of myself.

21 Day Manifesting Challenge

I will be 13 days into Gabby Bernstein’s 21 Day Manifesting Challenge and I’m actually enjoying it. Gabby is the author of 7 books including The #1 New York Times best-selling book The Universe Has Your Back and The Super Attractor. As I have gotten deeper into meditation, Gabby’s name continued to pop up and I figured I may as well check out her stuff. Actually I think in some weird way, her content just kept creeping into all my feeds ( yes, the algorithm works).

The Universe knows what it’s doing. It’s been a useful and informative guide to setting my intentions and getting my energy in the right place. I am learning a few tricks of the trade and have some tools in my back pocket to use when I want lift myself out of my limited beliefs and negative self talk. If you have access to the program and are looking for a little incentive on getting into the right mindset- its worth checking out.

Into the future

Its “exam” study time now in the house as Andie gets set to take her first set of high school exams. I am feeling like a complete failure as a parent as I am unable to conjugate french verbs into whatever tense it needs, or suggests or why it would even apply.  What’s worse is Math is next term – at what point do they realize we are complete frauds:)

I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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Much Love,