2020 didn’t quite start the way I planned…

Happy New Year!

Bring on 2020.

Just to confirm, Tony does not have green hair. The disco lights were getting warmed up for our little New Years Get-together!

Let me tell you, I was so excited to put 2019 behind me. It had its challenges I wasn’t anticipating, illness and loss of a family member, disappointment in people and projects I had invested in and overall personal growth that hadn’t quite been accomplished to my satisfaction. A clean slate, fresh perspective, the practice of gratitude and some good old wishful thinking was how I planned to launch into 2020.

A Rocky Start

I woke up hungover- or with a flu bug….We haven’t quite figured out which. I didn’t consume enough to warrant my “bug” and headache- and total body weakness- but such was the case. I was angry at myself, kick starting the year, without a workout, a meditation or food 🙂

This lasted a full three days. I found myself needing to dig really deep to turn my shitty perspective around and remind myself, personal growth is not dictated by a calendar. What was the point of my meditation if I was willing to unleash on myself and those around me so quickly. Like a coach seeing the game plan crumble early- I pivoted quick.  I am grateful for the self awareness.

I am also taking part in Gabby Berstein’s 21 day Manifestation Challenge. Its kind of quirky and cool and I feel weird being part of a facebook group of its kind- but I am actually seeing its purpose and the error of my ways. I’ll let you know how it goes- after the 21 days 🙂

On the Podcast

What a crazy few weeks it’s been for the “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast.

What I am learning about my audience, is that family time, is meant for just that.

Which means, there have been a few podcast releases over the holidays that you may have missed and so this is a reminder of some of the great guests we had on while you were shopping for the holidays, cooking, wrapping, cleaning, entertaining, cooking, traveling, cleaning and recovering once more from the holidays. Also, based on conversations with my friends, a lot of us were playing nurses and doctors. It seems a ton of households were hit with brutal bugs that wiped out households for the holidays. My house was hit hard too. So I am hoping everyone has recovered and is gearing to go as this new year is upon us.

For the record- you can also hit the links on the bottom of the newsletter for access to the podcast on the platforms you listen too.

All About Lydia

Lydia Di Francesco, a former guest of mine on CTV Morning Live ( she still does segments) will help kick off 2020. Lydia is the CEO, and founder of Fit And Healthy 365. As a wellness consultant she also continues to do personal training, workshops and speaking events. We will also focus on her “Grey Zone Mindset” and what it really means for people to find the balanced life they strive for.  http://www.fithealthy365.com

I’ve got tons planned for the coming weeks which include focus on allergies, fertility, nutrition, workouts, careers, addiction and recovery, relationships and so much more…

Thanks for your continued support- please continue to share, and spread the word about the podcast.

I am really wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2020!

Much Love,
Lianne xo