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Hosting for Charity

I was back at the mic this weekend hosting the 13th Annual Maddy’s Gala in support of Roger Neilson’s House. The event brought in a whopping $148,000 this year.

The Otto family, lost their daughter Maddy when she was just five years old to a brain tumour. They started this gala as way to say thank you for the support they received. Maddy had been healthy and active. However, one summer day at the cottage she woke up from a nap and wasn’t the same. The family rushed her to CHEO only to learn within a few hours, that she had a brain tumour and had less than 48 hours to live. They transferred Maddy to Roger’s House where she could be surrounded by family and friends in those last few hours. It never gets easier to tell the story and my heart breaks a little each time I do.

Jeanine, Dean and their other daughter Hannah continued to use the grief counselling services offered through their programs. They have since helped other families go through the process. The first gala they hosted raised ten thousand dollars. This year we had hoped to break the million dollar mark but fell just short. I am excited next year to launch into the gala knowing Maddy’s Million will be met! xo

On the Podacast

We have a BONUS podcast release today- and I trully hope it helps people out there. In fact if this podcast helps bring just one child into this world, I will feel like great joy.

“Pregnancy, Miscarriages & IVF- How Scientist  Dr. Amy Beckley Is Giving Couples A Fighting Chance”

If you know people who are thinking of starting a family, trying to start a family or are struggling already with getting pregnant- please listen and share the content. This podcast also hits on a number of different health concerns and scientific studies that involve both men and woman alike.

Joining us from Denver Colorado is Dr. Amy Beckley, a PHD scientist and infertility veteran who struggled herself getting pregnant and who experienced several miscarriages as well.

She is the inventor and founder of PROOV, a first of its kind at home progesterone kit. It’s an innovative new option for women. Those trying to gain more of an understanding around their reproductive health and be empowered with data about their body that they never could have gotten in the comfort of their homes before.

With a PhD in Pharmacology and expertise in hormone signalling, she began tracking her own hormone levels at home. In doing so, she discovered that she had low progesterone—which was causing her to lose pregnancy after pregnancy.

Empowered by this knowledge, she went to her doctor and got a prescription for hormone supplements. With these supplements, she was able to conceive without the help of IVF, and maintain a healthy pregnancy. After her daughter was born, her mission was clear; to empower women with vital knowledge that could help in their ability to conceive. She founded MFB Fertility, Inc. and invented the Proov test in her own basement, which now allows women to track their own progesterone in just five minutes, at home.

You can find more information about Dr. Beckley at https://proovtest.com/


Current “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” release: 

How To Thrive In The Workforce & Find Your Own Path To Success w Sari Cantor

Are you dreaming of that perfect job?Maybe you are still trying to figure out what it is you really want to do in life?

Have you been stuck in the same job for years and feel like you are being passed over for a promotion?

Are you simply going through the motions living your life for the weekend?

Do you tense up before a job interview or can’t figure out why you aren’t getting hired for the jobs you want?

We spend the majority of our adult lives at work. So it should be a place you enjoy being at, an environment to thrive in, a place where you feel valued- and yet I bet the majority of you don’t see it this way.

Lets kick start this year with some inspiration, motivation and know-how, to land the job you want, in the field that you want, earning the income you desire. Ask yourself, what are employers are looking for, what mistakes could I be making on my resume, and how can I improve my first impression.

Recruiting In Motion partner Sari Cantor has spent more than 20 years engaging people across the country to find the job they are meant to be doing while working with companies to find the right talent to fit their spots. She has been able to assist companies both in the private and public sectors in their hiring practices and retention strategies. So whether you are the boss doing the leading and hiring, or the employee looking to make your mark we’ve got your list, tips, strategies and resume ready to go!

For more information on Sari check out https://recruitinginmotion.com/ottawa/

21 Day Manifesting Challenge

Last week I mentioned I was doing Gabby Bernsteins 21 Day Manifesting Challenge. The challenge is almost wrapped up but I have really enjoyed the process of trying to shift the energy around me to a much more positive and joyful flow. Her writing resonated so much that I actually went out and picked up her most recent release “Super Attractor”. For anyone stuck in their ways and feeling a ton of emotional blocks, or paralized with fear about making decisions or thinking the life they want isn’t out there- then you really need to pick it up. I feel lighter, encouraged and excited again about whats ahead.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

I’ve got another busy one with additional podcast tapings and topics to tackle. I am grateful each time we press record on the podcast. Please remember to subscribe to get the podcast noticed by others who haven’t found it yet!

Much Love,
Lianne xo