Workouts, Podcast, Partnerships & Charity – Bring On The Week!

I can’t believe May is upon us. It truly feels like yesterday I left CTV Morning Live, despite the fact that I am heading into my sixth month off the show! When I look at my “to do” lists I can’t believe how much has already been accomplished and yet how much more growth is needed. I am truly hoping to feel the bloom of flowers and opportunity with the seeds that have been planted. I can feel the momentum building with summer festivals and fundraising events kicking off. Charity runs/ walks and cycles are starting to shut down the city streets every weekend. I am looking forward to emceeing the Shoppers Love You Run For Women on May 12. This event helps raised money for The Royal Ottawa Hospital with the focus on The Women’s Mental Health Program.

I am also excited to announce that I am working with the Natural Food Pantry as their new Brand Ambassador. As overall health and wellness continue to be a passion of mine, I felt this was a great partnership in the making. I am trying to make better choices for my family and shift some of my habits in a new direction. I will be sharing new educational content about their programs, seminars, nutritionists and products, in my newsletters and through my social media channels. It’s also a big bonus that their new store is located right here in Barrhaven – complete with a kitchen classroom, bakery and restaurant. Join me this coming Wednesday night for a “Ladies Night”. The chair massages may be all booked up but the evening is open to everyone and there is plenty to take in!


Also, with new content Monday we are adding a few more workout ideas from Elite Performance Academy’s Pat Woodcock. We continue to focus on showing you exercises that can be performed at any level – starting with the basic movement and making it more difficult for the more advanced. I’m looking forward to bringing you a few Facebook live segments with Pat as well, as we build momentum for the Awaken A better You Cruise with Lianne and Friends. Pat has a number of ideas up his sleeve. In the mean time check out these videos!

The current release on my podcast “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” is with Rachel Caven, the founder of the Caven Nutrition Group. The response has been incredible about her own personal struggles as well as the journey to build her own practice. There is plenty of educational content to take in when it comes to your food choices – even when you think you are making the right one…So be sure to check it out.

As for the new release this coming Thursday? I figured it would be quite fitting with Mother’s Day around the corner to have my mom Agnes Laing on the show. It would be misleading however, to think it’s all about mothers and Mother’s Day. I consider my mom a trailblazer when it comes to amateur sport and business. She has built one of the largest gymnastics facilities in the country and has touched the lives of thousands of children in the city. She has kids coming to classes whose grandparents she coached. It’s quite remarkable to see and hear the impact she has had on individuals, many of whom have gone on to excel in other sports, but more importantly with life in general. She has seen the shift over the last 45 years of the role sport plays in the lives of families. She talks about the role of a “coach” and the relationship between coach and athlete and the investment they make with one another. We also hit on what it’s like for coaches and athletes when they are related and trying to find balance in their home lives and on the sports stage (my mom was my coach…and therapy was needed). 😊



As always please continue to share your feedback!

See you next Monday,