Why your genetic imprint is controlling more than you think…

” Do Not Pray For An Easy Life. Pray To Be A Strong Person
This is one of my favorite quotes. It hung above my bed as a young girl. I still have it today. It had no religious undertone for me, but I loved the message. Work hard, don’t expect things served to you on a silver platter, enjoy the process and eventually it will pay off. In every journal I have owned, the left hand side of the front cover will have that quote written in it. When my dad died, I had that quote written on his footstone. Nothing came easy for him, there were many ups and downs in his business endeavors and personal adventures and he dealt with his fair share of unfortunate circumstances. He worked hard for what he had. I guess coming off Father’s Day weekend I am reminded of my dad, and that quote and its effect on me today. It has never been more true.
I miss the ability to celebrate my dad on day’s like Father’s Day, but I will be honest, I miss him more on the days when I have the urge to ask him a question 17 years after his passing and realize I cant. As for being able to celebrate Tony- and his rock star status as a dad-  his only request every Fathers Day is to be able to watch the US Open Golf Championship uninterrupted and guilt free. It’s become a yearly tradition for us to head over to our friends  “The Williams”   and watch the golf, outdoors while enjoying a feast. I love tradition. This picture was taken before the kids got bored and the food was served 🙂
This week’s upcoming “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing’ podcast is fascinating for me. You will meet Johanna Lynn who has 20 years experience in resolving inherited family patterns and is the founder of The Family Imprint Institute. A former clinical hypnotherapist she focuses now on “Epigenetics”.  The dictionary explains Epigenetics as the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

Don’t panic- we don’t get this technical in the podcast, but instead ask yourself:

Have you ever had difficulty trying to explain why you feel a certain way, have unexplained sadness, or depression? Do you have self destructive behavior or continually see the same results in failed relationships? Are you dealing with chronic illness?

Some of this could be indicators for inherited family trauma. And this is the focus of my podcast with Johanna. Our genes and our family history play such a vital role in how we view or see things, whether we intend to be a certain way or not. We have an imprint in our genetic code and its up to us individually to understand it and change it if we wish to change from generation to generation. The science behind it is fascinating and Johanna’s voice will have you wanting to sit in her chair divulging your family history and your own life experiences.

Also check out Johanna’s website prior to our discussion.

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I hope you have a fantastic week.
I am eager to share some new projects with you by the next Monday update.

Much Love,
Lianne xo