Where’s the Off Switch?

If I may…

Kudos to all you entrepreneurs and business owners out there – OMG I am in awe!

Please, tell me, how do you shut your brain off?

As I have adjusted to my regular sleeping hours I realize how rested my body now feels, but now it’s my mind that is on fire. The alarm clock used to wake me up at 3:40 am, now it’s my brain, unable to shut off. The “To Do” list gets bigger every day and my Saturday nights have been spent facing a computer. Please tell me it gets easier 😊

As I am getting closer to the launch of my website I have been incredibly busy gathering content. It’s been an exciting few weeks as I recorded my first two podcasts with Dr. Sean Murphy (a regular “Ask The Expert” contributor to CTV Morning Live) and international best selling author and weight-loss specialist Tosca Reno. I loved the format and being back in my comfort zone as a storyteller and asking the right questions. I appreciated the honesty in the stories they shared. The podcasts will be available on the website, as well as through iTunes.

I’ve also been using my home as my new “studio”; filming segments in my kitchen with Rachel Caven and Korey Kealey and rearranging furniture to hang out with Parliament Hill Bootcamp founder Mia St. Aubin. Sarah Zahab offers up important information on Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation or “Mommy Tummy”). My intent is that there will be something for everyone!

Thank you for the support and interaction I have received from many of you via email and social media. I am quite enjoying connecting with people. I am also incredibly grateful to Extension Marketing for their guidance, coaching and services as I branch out into this new aspect of broadcasting.

Remember I am speaking at the Ottawa Health Expo this coming Saturday (January 27th) at the Shenkman Center at 10:30 am. With that being said…My next newsletter will have the news I am most excited about…

Stay Tuned…