When life gets a little messy….

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! Mine was all over the map! Andie and I had a chance to catch up, with some great mother/daughter time traveling to the Umbro Cup in Mississauga for a soccer tournament. I was dressed for winter on the sidelines on Saturday. Sunday as many of you know was much more bearable. The weekend also included shopping for “Grade 8 Grad Dresses” which at the last minute became a successful mission.  I will say, there is something special to having one on one time with your kids in the car. There is always a topic you hit on that comes totally out of the blue. I hope she loves the rides as much as me.

Prior to leaving for the trip I had a chance to be a guest on Jesse and Jenna’s Messy Podcast. The Prosecco was waiting for me when I walked in…so I knew we were in for a fun chat!

There was a fun dialogue throughout and while I had never really met Jenna before ( this happens when you are working similar morning shows) we found we had so much in common having both attended University in the states on NCAA scholarships. The biggest difference- I was allowed to drink coffee at school- she wasn’t- I have no idea how she survived mandatory study hall! It was great to share stories from all aspects of my life and find a new friend at the same time. Jesse was a hoot just as I had remembered! Armed and ready with a one liner or shock value that makes it all worth while. My episode on their podcast will be released on Wednesday. You can find the link to the podcast https://omny.fm/shows/jesse-and-jenna-s-messy-podcast

As for my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast release this week, I sit down with Smyth Casting President Ilona Smyth. I was reacquainted with Ilona a few weeks ago when I asked by a friend to help out as an “extra” on a set of a movie being made here in Ottawa. I had just finished taping a podcast and figured it would be a fun new adventure and something to check off a “life experiences” list. Ilona had four films in production at the time and I realized she was in charge of a well oiled machine. In our short conversation I learned hat she was raising a young son on her own, had battled a mental crisis that changed the direction of her life and was making her mark in a fascinating industry. I was inspired by her journey and felt others could be too. We don’t talk about fitness regiments or eating pattern – this is about dealing with adversity and life’s curve balls and finding your way through. She is armed with talent! As always the podcast will be released on Thursday.

In the meantime if you have any interest in the film and television industry you can check out Ilona’s website as well as facebook page for more informaiton.


There have been updates and additional information added to the “Awaken A Better You Welllness Cruise. Booking is now in its critical stage and we want to ensure the entire ship is dedicated to us. If you have been thinking about joining us or need more information please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am looking forward to connecting with the cruise experts this coming weekend for additional brainstorming and planning. We want this trip to be EPIC!

I am staying committed to my meditation practice. I really enjoy the 20 minute sessions and find I get the most out them- however if I am in a time crunch I have forced myself to do the five minute ones just to try and keep the momentum building. I do think my years as an athlete and using visualization is helping me through some of it, and I am slowly feeling the muscles in my jaw relax, as I seemed to hold a lot of my stress there.

I hope everyone enjoys their shortened work week.

Much Love,
Lianne xo