What’s on The Menu? Lunch Ideas, Passwords & A Lack of Parachutes!

One week back to the normal routine! How is everyone coping? Need some back to school lunch ideas already? I remember on CTV Morning Live, our focus on back to school lunches could take us into mid-October and by January we were into revamp mode! Knowing time is precious and many of you are looking for quick reminders and tips – here is the first part of “Back to School Lunches”. Holistic Nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve and lead educator with Natural Food Pantry offers up some of her favourite ideas and ways to change it up with what’s already in the fridge and on hand. Think outside the box!

Thank you as always for the continued growth of my “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast. My latest podcast with Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Kristy Lewis on “Burnout” seemed to have peaked an interest for many of you. As always here are the links to hear or watch the podcast!

This week’s podcast is slightly different and will appeal to a different audience. We talk personal safety with former Canadian Spy Adam Nesrallah. For those who follow me on Instagram you may recognize Adam from my boxing workout segments or from his guest spots on CTV Morning Live. I met Adam at a charity event a few years back and his story, background and charity work peaked my interest. I connected him with producers of our show and we have covered dozens of topics over the years. My intention with our podcast was to share some of those topics with you. He no longer works with our government agency but has some interesting viewpoints on how we need to look after our own personal safety – from walking home at night, to creating better passwords and explaining why we are all susceptible to fraud in this digital age. I’ll be honest – some of his suggestions will have you wanting to toss him over a bridge (like switching to a flip phone) but other safety tips are great reminders for anyone. Go easy on him, he really can hurt you with his pinky finger! 😊

Also, I was excited for my article A Parachute Was Not an Option – But I Jumped Anyway to come out in the online women’s magazine As Told By Women.  It is an incredibly open and honest story of my leaving CTV Morning Live and the journey which has followed- If you didn’t catch it on my social media feeds, you’ll find the link above!

It’s an incredibly busy week ahead with some exciting projects in the works. Best of luck to everyone as all the activities start back up this week – good luck with carpools, scheduling and the anticipation that the kids like what you signed them up for! Also, as an FYI – my mom informed me they’ve opened up a few additional spots for classes at her gymnastics school, Nepean Corona School Of Gymnastics. If you happened to be on a waiting list or are looking for additional classes and times that opened up, you can check it out on their site!

See you back here next Monday!

Lianne xo