What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Living Your Life with Lianne Laing – Ep. 4

What’s in your medicine cabinet? Have you ever asked yourself how you ended up using one medication, only to start needing another to counter balance the side effects? Are you concerned that you’ve lost track of why you started down this road in the first place? Did a sleeping pill or a pain killer find its way into your life and now you can’t seem to break its hold? In my podcast with NutriChem founder and CEO Kent MacLeod we talk about health solutions which differ from the mainstream and which challenge our indoctrinated thought process.

The question upon walking into NutriChem usually goes like this: Do you want to get to the root of the cause? The real work starts there.

For over 30 years, Nutrichem has been a leader in limiting the use of drugs as a health solution and have been helping people worldwide with health issues such as menopause, depression, cancer, pain management, Down Syndrome and beyond.

“Deprescribing” – its a new term for me, but not for those whose have been studying the effects of medications for years. It’s an interesting topic that has many layers and one which I hope to continue to unravel.

Kent takes us on an interesting journey in this podcast, citing, arguing and even celebrating certain studies with a sincere and passionate goal of helping others.

Keep an open mind and allow yourself to explore options you may not have considered.

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Lianne xo