What’s for dinner…sound familiar?

What’s for dinner? The most dreaded question in my household. A question both Tony and I both ask of the other when we remember our parental duties and that we need to eat. Are there the right groceries in the fridge? Which one of us has the energy to make it? We make a great team in my house, I always manage to make a salad and Tony figures out the protein. We should be better organized and prepped but its not in our forte or interest most days. I imagine we are not alone in these sentiments. The pressure, the work, the time commitment, the agony of trying to keep it interesting. Should eating be this complicated and emotional. Well, realistically eating has so many emotional components to it. It offers us solace, comfort, love, memories. It can be therapeutic, it can also be complicated.
It doesn’t seem to be complicated at all for my podcast guest this week, food expert, recipe creator, cooking show host &  food journalist Paula Roy.
She is at home in the kitchen and wants to be able to share her love of cooking, recipes, food prep and outlook with you. Paula and I talk about her process of creating recipes and how she can taste a meal even before cooking it. What I loved most were the tricks and tips in the kitchen! For more information about Paula and to have access to endless recipes – check out her website,

As always, the newest podcast will be released on Thursday morning. New to the website this week is the ability to head to my podcast page and listen directly without heading to a podcast platform. I’m excited to be able to add additional ways to listen. If you are able to share, comment, like and subscribe to the podcast it helps on so many levels. Your support is always appreciated and has helped to see this podcast grow. I am grateful for that. www.liannelaing.com/podcast 

Some of you may have received the latest Ottawa At Home Magazine in the mail. My “Fit At Home” column this issue focuses on getting your arms ready for summer. I think its the “sleeveless” tank that gets most woman ‘up in arms’ 😉
A few bands of varying tension can do the trick- If you head to my Instagram under this pic- you can see them being done! And please pick up an issue of the magazine. There are so many amazing contributors and articles. You can find more info on the magazine at http://www.ottawaathome.ca

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. I’ve managed to make it to 20 minutes in my new daily meditation practice. I am sleeping better. I was getting up in the middle of the night and having a hard time shutting off my brain and getting back to sleep. I think the meditation is helping with that!. Once again, the app I am using is called “Headspace”.

See you back here next Monday 🙂

Lianne xo