Tuesday’s Combination: Military Tactics, Social Etiquette and Good ole’ Fashioned Sweat!

Happy New Content Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I was particularly impressed with Monday. I love the sun and the heat – my mood changes instantly! 😊

My “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast continues to grow in numbers and downloads. Please share with others and remember to like or comment after the episodes. It goes a long way in helping me grow this product. New to the line-up is Jody Mitic. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this one is very much like an amusement park, we go up, down, sideways and spin in circles with the soldier, turned politician.

Thursday is the release of my podcast with etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau. As the world was engulfed in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it seemed fitting that this would be an ideal time to reflect on the social graces and customs, not only of royalty, but in our everyday lives. How we interact and communicate in social settings and in business dealings is an integral part of our success. It can make or break future employment, a romantic encounter and even our everyday friendships. How we are treated and how we treat others goes beyond our parent’s instructions in the school playground. We are connected more with our devices now, than we are with the people sitting across from us. Julie helps us understand the history of why it’s still important to follow some of the guidelines and helps us ensure we are putting our best foot forward.

Also, as part of New Content Tuesday we are adding more workout ideas and options for all levels of fitness with Pat Woodock, the co-founder of Elite Performance Academy.

Coming up next week we focus on cleansing the body with Natural Food Pantry. Lead educator and holistic nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve and I talk about the reasons behind a “detox” or “cleanse”, the benefits to it and how to ease your way in.

Enjoy the shortened work week!

See you next Monday,
Lianne xo