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Happy Monday! How incredible was our weekend! I feel a thousand times better with the natural dose of Vitamin D now in my system! Sit back- there is a ton of information to pass on today- starting with the amazing flash sale for the cruise!

The pricing is amazing- but we wanted to be able to break down what the days would look like. The experts and I had an amazing time plotting out the kinds of workouts we would do in the mornings prior to enjoying the cities and the sites as well as the workshops offered while we sail. The experts and the types of classes will be varied with plenty of options. You also have the option to sleep in, have a long breakfast and take in the views from the top deck while some of us sweat it out. Trust me- we will all be on the top deck in party mode at night!

Ladies- Listen Up!!!! Special “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” Podcast Released Today!!!!

Over 30 million woman are suffering from “lady part” problems.  One out of three women suffer from painful intimacy, 49% of all women deal with incontinence and 50% of woman have pelvic organ prolapse. Someone probably said you should try doing “kegels”.  This podcast is going to change your views on what we are accustomed to thinking-  “Its just normal”. News Flash- it doesn’t need to be!

Joining me from NYC is Isa Herrara, the founder of  Pelvic Pain Relief Dot Com and Renew Healing Center. She is the author of five books on pelvic floor dysfunction and the newly released international best seller Female Pelvic Alchemy. She has been a pioneer for new integrative treatments  and has the mission to help 1 million woman in her lifetime.

We discuss the implications and understanding of the “pelvic floor”, understand how to deal with issues pre and post pregnancy as well as strategies to get through it as best you can. Isa talks about the dangers of repetitive kegels with certain conditions and the damage it can do. We talk about why women are having pain during intimacy, and how to remedy the situation. She also talks about how young collegiate athletes are affected while doing sports. Isa offers tips, strategies, exercises, treatments and products that are also available.

This is my first podcast recorded with the guest in another city and not face to face with me in studio. I was anxious to start branching out the podcast and getting relevant and up to date information out to my listeners with leaders in their respective area.

For a link to the mastermind class we talk about which is happening June 11th, 12th 13th and 14th click on link below

As for the regular Thursday release of my podcast I talk with my former colleague veteran radio broadcaster Steve Warne. Until just recently, for 31 years Steve set his alarm clock for 4am and made his way into the radio booth for the morning drive.

He made a real name for himself as the popular host of TGOR, three guys on the radio on TEAM 1200 for the last 19 years. Throughout the years, Steve has been an advocate for raising funds and awareness around Autism, something his son Michael was diagnosed with by the age of 2. The father and son duo have teamed up for their blog and YouTube channel Adventures In Autism .

Now at 52, and with an unexpected departure from the show due to layoffs, Steve has launched his own podcast called “The Steve Warne Project”…

The first half of our podcast is focused on his journey into radio, the challenges of the industry, his passion for sports and what made his job so unique. The second half of the podcast focuses on life raising a child who has autism. Steve is very candid as we chat, touching on the everyday challenges, the early years of education, awareness and fundraising and takes us through the stages of acceptance. His outlook on the daily adventures he has with his son Michael are beautiful. There are plenty of life lessons to be learned and I really appreciate Steve helping us shed light on the stigma associated with autism.

You can also find his podcast here

And I’m not done yet- wow its been busy! If you are looking to catch me on the other side of a podcast- I had a great time being a guest on the Conscious Builder Podcast with Casey Grey. I love his show notes and will do a much better attempt at improving mine- check everything out through this link!

I feel like I have been busier than ever trying to build on the “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” brand. I would love any feedback, suggestions or comments you feel might help me grow and reach a larger audience. I am incredibly grateful to all of you who open and read the newsletter and I just want you to know I really appreciate it.

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