Therapeutic Cleaning, Tips, Tricks and Making Your Home Your Castle!

I am writing this newsletter on Sunday night having just returned from a fun-filled 40th birthday celebration in cottage country (All the weekend pics from “Big Rig’s” celebrations are on my Instagram feed – hopefully you caught my Insta Stories as well – which means you should be following me on Instagram for all the fun stuff😊).

I was in the company of friends, some of whom I haven’t had a chance to really catch up with since I left the morning show. As I continued to give updates about what I was up to and what I felt was working and what wasn’t in my transition – I did find myself always coming back to my pure joy of being in the studio for my podcasts. I think sometimes you just need to listen to yourself talk out loud to understand the things you may be feeling or thinking. My conversations only enhanced my excitement over certain possibilities “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” may eventually take. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them, please do. Some topics may interest you, others may not, but I have over 20 episodes now so I am sure one of them should peak your interest!😊

I am acutely more aware of the state of my home since my podcast with Veronique Levesque from Molly Maid. She was a regular guest of mine while I was hosting CTV Morning Live and I always left our segments with the sudden urge to run home and implement her suggestions. The same can be said following our podcast, released last Thursday. Needless to say, purchases have since been made, from IKEA, Home Depot and Dollarama 😊


This got me thinking as to how we each view our homes – for me home has always been my sanctuary. That’s not to say this sanctuary is like a spa, with soft music and a masseuse waiting for me behind door number one. In fact it usually feels like a tornado has been through and left a mess in its path. When I feel my home and my life are spinning out of control – my therapy is called “decluttering”. It’s been my “go-to” form of self-medication when I’m feeling frustrated, anxious, stressed and depressed. One can usually tell I’m about to embark on such therapy when curse words are followed by a toss of an item. Past decluttering projects have included (multiples times) the kitchen cupboard, the bathroom drawers, my closet, the mud room and the front hall closet. You know I’m really fighting a personal battle when I set out to attack the storage room. I find the process cleansing. It’s the act of getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Releasing negative thoughts and emotions and allowing room for a positive outlook. It’s basic, it’s not original, but it still works. The best part, charities often benefit and I feel better for the opportunity to give. Don’t believe how drastic some of the declutters can be? Check out these pics 😊

Back to the topic of my podcasts, this week is an opportunity to meet Natasha Villeneuve from Natural Food Pantry. She has been a wonderful new friend on this journey of mine and I have truly enjoyed my time with her since becoming an ambassador for the company. I can honestly say I have been trying new products every week and when I really like something, I’ve recruited friends and neighbours for the taste test! Our podcast focuses on everything from nutrition to supplements, education to kitchen tips. Natasha also shares her own story of how food and food intolerance changed her life and her calling. The podcast will be released on Thursday.

Speaking of decluttering and going through items, I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted a few segments from Tosca Reno in my home. I am attaching them now and I am in the process of creating new videos over the next few weeks!

Please let me know if there are things you would like for me to include. I would appreciate any feedback you have and feel I need it moving forward to ensure I’m bringing you content that you desire to see!

Have an awesome week everyone and see you next Monday!

Lianne xo