The Living Your Life with Lianne Laing Podcast is READY!

I want to thank all of you for your support these last 3 months as I’ve been maneuvering my way through a brand new way of life, a different way of thinking and being out of the spotlight. I have had some energizing and exciting days where I feel I am rocking everything and then of course the quick turnaround to second guessing my thought process or choices. Its really been quite the adventure. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t fall into mid life crisis mode yet… if I cut my hair, an intervention may be needed!

The “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast is ready to go. Its been a long time coming and one of the first things I knew I wanted to do on this new adventure. For 20 years, my interviews were based on critical seconds and minutes. I would have to edit a five minute interview down to a 30 second soundbite for my sports stories and most of the interviews on CTV Morning Live were slated anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes. While I loved having a director in my ear most of the time, inevitably every show would have him yelling at me to wrap things up. So, with this new format, there is no one in my ear and no strict cut off. This is a chance to dig deeper to the questions I have been meaning to ask and follow up on the information my guests are providing.

I am excited that Pat Whalen and the team at Extension Marketing came on board as the podcast sponsor and I love the logo created by Pondstone Digital Marketing. Pondstone has been a major player in getting off the ground. They understand what I am trying to achieve and I can’t wait for the website to launch.

Dr. Murphy was an easy choice for my first guest as we had worked together for almost 4 years on CTV Morning Live in the “Ask The Expert” segments. I knew how passionate he would be as a guest and the message he wanted to reinforce- that we have the innate power to heal…. I wanted that comfort level as well as I embarked on something totally new.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts, (available now on iTunes, and will be available shortly on Google Play) learn something that will help in your own decision making and maybe inspire you a little to follow up on things you may have been putting off….

Podcasts will be updated weekly!

Much Love,