The final countdown

Awaken a Better You Cruise!

We are now into the final stretch of planning for the “Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise”.  We set sale in less than a month. As excited as I am to see this all come together, it won’t feel real until we’ve made our way on to the ship and the guests begin to arrive. I hope to have thought through the smallest of  details.

A big thank you to Fitness Depot for coming through on some of the additional equipment we wanted to have for the workouts. It was a ton of fun to pick up the boxes on Friday! Is this what Christmas morning feels like? As I mentioned in my last newsletter that if you are a last minute traveler there is a new payment plan available. You can find more information on the website

Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

I wish I had the ability to not only motivate and educate people on the benefits of living a healthy and active life, but also the super power to make you do it. There are people however, who seem to have that super power. At least in some capacity. They are called Personal Trainers!

So, are you finally recognizing that beer belly, or frustrated by the difficulty in shedding the years of baby weight? Were you once the all star and now the no star? Maybe you just want to post that epic beach bikini picture on Instagram. Hopefully you want to be healthy and strong in an effort to live your fullest life. No matter the reason, Adam Bracken has heard them all.

Podcast Guest of the week!

Adam, the founder of the Fitness Lab, found his calling early on and hasn’t looked back. He went from washing towels and wiping down equipment, to training some of the countries best athletes. All this while opening up two studios in a very quick amount of time. His 3rd location is set to open in early Fall.

The profession of personal training is showing no signs of slowing down. Employment of trainers and instructors is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026.

If you are motivated, dedicated, and wishful in being the best version of yourself,  it’s people like Adam who will help find the solution for you. Working with every body type, shape, goal and obstacle to find what is going to work for you. Every body, story, and experience is different.

The podcast as always will be released on Thursday. For more information about The Fitness Lab

If you have been following me on Instagram you will notice that Adam and I have also started to post workouts and videos. Let me know what kind of tips and exercises you would like to see.

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It was a big week for the podcast last week- with two tapings and two releases.

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