Thanksgiving Fun, Food For Thought & Savings For You!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend was incredibly symbolic for me, as it marked exactly a year ago that the wheels were fully set in motion for my departure from CTV Morning Live. It’s incredible to think how time flies and how much has been done, changed and accomplished in a 365 day span. And to think, it’s just the beginning!
Here’s This Weeks Checklist!

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet of Ottawa At Home Magazine’s latest issue you’ve missed my #FITATHOME article where I talk about exercise and ageing. I write not only about the benefits of exercise as we age, but which exercises are more beneficial and why.

For this week’s podcast – I was incredibly entertained while chatting with, chef, sommelier and entrepreneur, Stephen Beckta. My thinking behind bringing him in as a guest was to talk about the relationship we have with food, the food experience, the changing food industry and of course tips from a chef and sommelier. What I found, was that this award-winning restauranteur has an incredibly compelling and entertaining story. He takes us on quite the journey around the world, stopping at a few destinations, following love, women, heartbreak, wine and food. A little luck, a ton of critical failures and the passion to have his own restaurant “family” is what landed him where he is – ranked amongst Canada’s best! The podcast will be released Thursday to all my platforms.

The podcast released last week was slightly different then the norm as we focused on the charity event “Fight For The Cure” and what it entails. The emphasis was on participants and how they are stepping out of their comfort zone for the white-collar boxing event. This year marks the first time that women will be taking part. I admit, I was asked to box and participate in this event since I am a fan of using boxing as a workout tool and I remember how quick I was to say “No”. I had enough on my plate with this transition and I’ve already broken my nose three times. I love boxing as a workout but can’t imagine someone actually looking to punch me back – but I did enjoy listening to Daphne talk about her preparation and the experience to date. Daphne will be going head to head with her best friend Lisa Langevin and these full-time working moms have been loving the process. As always, here are the links.

I was back at Oil Changers with some interesting stories from the staff who work there. Sometimes the unexpected happens at the office and while we expect that our oil change will happen in 9 minutes or less – we don’t always anticipate whey they see when they open the hood!

Also, make sure to get your car in for a top up – here is a coupon for your next trip in!


Look out for more savings! I did some radio commercial work for Natural Food Pantry late last week, so the ads would be ready to launch today for their event this Saturday! Since I’m already in the know, I figured I would share in the newsletter in case you miss it! Not a bad deal, especially on your favorites! 🙂

As anticipated, with my brother back in town with his family – we took the opportunity to head back to Saunders Farm and burn off some energy before sitting down to our Thanksgiving dinner. Each year we are reminded of a new milestone, a past memory or a new challenge.

For those of you looking to purchase tickets for the Haunting Season and Fright Fest you can always purchase tickets online using my 10% off promo code. This week’s promo code is HS5999. It’s valid between Tuesday, October 9th – Sunday, October 14th at 11:59pm.


I hope everyone enjoys this shortened work week!

See you back here next Monday,

Lianne xo