Tackling the Fitness Industry: Regulations, Social Media  and Finding The Right Trainer For You!


As many of you know, I look forward to my daily workout. I never consider it a chore and I’m not dragged to the gym kicking and screaming. In fact, I feel the endorphins start to kick in as soon as I walk in. I view my time working out as a gift to myself each day – and to my kids…to be strong, fit and healthy so that I can annoy, argue with and love them for years to come.

This can’t be said for many who struggle to find the motivation they need or the kind of exercise they enjoy. Here’s the wake-up call!!! There are so many people out there whose JOB it is to help you. BUT – have you ever thought to ask if they are certified and insured?

With that being said, it brings me to the topic of this week’s podcast. Connie Beaulieu, the founder of C.U. Fit Personal training and the Activate Health Expo was my guest. Connie is actually one of the people responsible for the certification of the trainers here in Canada, a job she takes quite seriously. In our time together, we discuss the regulations or (lack thereof) of the Canadian Fitness Industry. We also tackle the changes and shifts in power with the popularity of social media. What I really wanted to ask was what are the expectations one should put on the trainer they hire?

If you are thinking of hiring a trainer, want to get more out of your workouts or have the aspirations to get involved in the fitness industry- then this is a must listen 😊

Despite the fact that the weather has been incredibly temperamental and we are heading for snow this weekend we do need to remind ourselves that the tires need to be changed.

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