A Sneak Peek & Good Eats!

I will admit it’s a lighter week than usual. Summer holidays are in full swing and many people have checked out for a few days. I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. Most of mine was spent cheering on the sidelines at a weekend soccer tournament! It was a scorcher! A tie rather than a win on Sunday allowed us an opportunity to escape to a cottage for the final day which salvaged the weekend! There is something truly special and refreshing about jumping into a lake. It always brings me back to being a kid and feeling that underneath the water anything was possible. Its also where I took the time to write this week’s update!

Last week I was excited to share the milestone of the 25th taping of the “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast. This week I’m excited to share a sneak peek at the new commercial I created with Extension Marketing for the podcast. The commercial will be promoted on social media in the coming weeks (so keep an eye out and share when you see it!). While I won’t be able to make changes to this version I would love your feedback on other ideas or clips you remember or are worth sharing.

I would also love feedback on what kinds of guests you would like to see in the future and topics that interest you!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the most recent release it focuses on Hormones. Its not flashy or romantic but the information is critical to understand especially as we age and start to feel slightly “off”. This can include, being tired, gaining weight, losing your hair, an inability to cope as well as you have with stress, a lack of sex drive, the list goes on. There are ways to start coping and help is out there. You need to understand your own body make-up and hormone composition. It opened not only my eyes – but also a few of my listeners!

This email from one of those listeners, Deb made me smile yesterday

Thank you for doing a terrific podcast.

I’m 54, I’m full menopausal and my thyroid is constantly up and down since the menopause started almost 4 yrs ago.

I work out six days a week and follow a strict diet and that’s help keep the weight off.

Like Tanya says there are days we think we are going to have a heart attack or go crazy but we continue on and stay strong.

Thank you for all the info it was great to learn and understand some more about our hormones 🙂

This week’s podcast with Pat Woodcock has a bit of everything. We talk about Pat’s path to the NFL and the one that eventually led back home to the CFL. He describes the change in training, attitude, nutrition and outlook as he got older. We talk about the transition out of the game and into his role as a coach and trainer. We’ve got plenty of sports stories in the first half of the podcast, and tons of tips and suggestions for your own health adjustments in the second part.

It’s a family affair this week! Pat’s wife Melanie Reid is a holistic nutritionist and, using that focus on health created her company Balanced Plate Nutrition. Here’s her last video!

Enjoy the shortened work week! It’s a busy one for me with additional podcasts and shoots for my Fit At Home column for Ottawa At Home Magazine. As well as new marketing campaign for the Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise, which has moved from August 2-9 to October 20th next year. Details to come!

See you next Monday,
Lianne xo