Snacks, Photoshoots and CFL Football – Summer is HERE!

It’s been an interesting week for both professional and personal growth for me. Late last week I was back in my element interviewing people about their businesses and their passions. It felt so nice to ask questions that get results. Actually, it was just really nice to be doing something I don’t have to second guess. I’m still fragile when it comes to technology and documents that involve numbers, or that seem to come from a government agency. I realize those aspects of a business will take time and the adjustment is underway.

On Friday, I did my first “Fitness” based photoshoot in years. Makeup artist Natalie Peachy (a frequent guest with me on CTV Morning Live) nailed the look I was going for. Photographer Gord Weber was fantastic at putting at me ease. His shots were creative and fun and I loved the energy we created throughout the day. I felt healthier than I have in years and I’m hoping it is reflected in the pictures. I want them to feel like I have a healthy glow (no more dark circles under my eyes) and I can honestly say the extra sleep has had a big affect on the swelling and bloating I felt I was carrying around. My cortisol levels have dropped and so has the extra layer. The looks were fun to put together, some new pieces coming from Bayshore Shopping Center and some being paired with some of my old favourites from my own wardrobe. Who knew sneakers could play a role in a look? 😊

If you are anywhere near Barrhaven this coming Thursday night – please come by and say hi as I will be at Natural Food Pantry (NFP) hosting their Community BBQ raising funds for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard.

While you are there, you may consider trying some new snack options perfect for summer. NFP nutritionist and lead educator, Nathasha Villeneuve joins me in this new video showcasing snacks, ideas, misconceptions and tips for summer snacking!

As for the “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast – please continue to listen, watch, like, comment and subscribe. Within minutes of its release many of you had already clicked play on the podcast with Mia St Aubin. You may see a stunning, sculpted, confident woman when you look at her, but when you understand the battles, inner struggles and health scares she has already endured – you realize she is even more of a powerhouse and her story is meant to inspire others.

This week, the stakes are higher as REDBLACKS head coach Rick Campbell volunteers himself in the hot seat. The launch of his podcast is this Thursday, just hours before the team kicks off their home opener at TD Place. If you are looking for a roster rundown, game strategy, quarterback controversy or game plan for the year – you might be disappointed. While football is the underlying storyline, Coach Campbell is opens up about growing up moving from one city to the next, following wherever his father was coaching the game. He talks about the continuous mind games his profession demands and why the most talented player isn’t always top choice. We talk about his perspective on health, fitness and nutrition outside of the game as well as the changes required of the players still in it. I should have charged a $250.00 therapy fee, instead I’m hoping we can get in session number two over time. Best of luck with the upcoming season Coach!