Sleep -Time To Wake Up to it’s effect on your health!

Living your Life with Lianne Laing – Ep. 3


It’s a topic of conversation anyone can get into! Whether you celebrate getting a good night’s sleep, or whether you need to vent that you in fact did not, we all have our reasons;  head is spinning, babies crying, kids having nightmares, needing to pee and the list goes on. Some of the issues are temporary and we simply plow through them, others however are more serious and can have long term health effects. In this podcast, Sleep Efficiency founder Andrew Holmes hits on the importance of what he calls health hygiene. Some easier said than done. Not only do we cover the basics but we dive deep into sleep apnea and the dangers that come with it as well as touch on why the corporate world is now turning to sleep specialists to increase productivity in the workforce and beyond.

Sleep was a topic everyday with me and the morning show crew (or more accurately our lack of it). When Andrew would come in for his segments we were like a herd of thirst quenched animals looking for water. We asked for advice and we pleaded for tips. I think we wanted him to lie to us and tell us it was ok that our bodies and minds were sleep deprived. Eventually my own body let me know that was the case. Now having had three solid months of 7-8 hours of sleep I can attest to any study or statement to be made. Sleep changes us, it heals us, it energizes us and when we finally have it- we feel like a different person. I believe Andrew will have some suggestions for all of you, but more importantly for those of you who realize you may have sleep apnea- I urge you to follow up with tests and look to correct this condition….in the long run your body and your health depend on it.

Sleep Tight…And Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!