School’s Out, Thanks Coach, Doctors Orders, Try This & Cruising Along

It’s officially summer and for parents of school aged kids – it means the culmination of our year. No more lunches, extracurricular activities and the temporary disbandment of the carpool. Two blissful months which pass by at mach speed offering us either a little taste of paradise – or a sneak peak in hell – this of course depends on your summer plans. I’ll come back to this topic in the following few weeks.

I am currently looking through the proofs from my photo shoot with Gord Weber. In doing so, I found myself thinking and reflecting about the process in a very different way. I’m looking forward to sharing those thoughts with you in my coming newsletters.

It was a big win for the REDBLACKS in their home opener last Thursday night over the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I’m thinking Head Coach Rick Campbell was on cloud nine. He talks frankly about the impact of savouring the wins in our newly released podcast. He also admits the defeats are what keep him up at night. This is about much more than coaching, football and game strategy (I don’t even think we hit on that). If you aren’t yet subscribed to the podcast or haven’t had a chance to listen yet – here is the latest “Living your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast.

Set to be released this Thursday is an eye-opening discussion with pediatrician Dr. Paul.

The Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer for Eastern Ontario is a frequent guest on CTV Morning Live. His four-and-a-half-page condensed resume is beyond impressive, but his passion for initiating programs that make a difference in his patients’ lives is his biggest gift to medicine. For anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of health, why the formative years are so crucial and the importance of communication – this is a great listen!

Looking for a few more workout ideas? There are new segments with Elite Performance Academy co-founder Pat Woodcock to check out.

Also, a big reminder, the “Awaken A Better You Lianne & Friends Wellness Cruise” is coming along quite nicely and the excitement is building as new ideas and concepts are circulating. It’s now just a year or so away and if you are considering that opportunity to travel through Europe on a river cruise then please get in touch! This is about coming home from a holiday feeling even better than when you left! Once again here’s a peek.

I’m heading to Vancouver at weeks end for a family wedding. Next Monday is the stat holiday so I am looking forward to touching base next Tuesday,

Much love,
Lianne xo