Reunited and it feels so good…plus the harsh reality of ageing

It was visiting day at camp this weekend and a wonderful reunion with Andie and Jamie. The girls looked great despite the fact that I could play connect the dots with the mosquito bites on their legs, and their teeth looked a little less white than usual. They had their wish list of items for us to bring with us which included the “contraband” of food for mid day and late night snacks. I grew up going to “sleep away” camp and its where I learned how to do most of the things I can do now. Water skiing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, pottery and the list goes on. I even mastered card games, gimp bracelets and Jacks. Its where I learned to calm the fear of the dark or any moments of being homesick with my bunk mates. I grew up each summer learning more about myself, my ability to communicate and live with others and create friendships that would last a lifetime. This is all I can ask for my girls who thrive in the environment and who realize they are incredibly lucky to have this experience available to them. Plus, did I mention the “Parent Vacation” aspect?
For those of you who follow me as well on social media, you may have read that I lost my brother in law Craig (Tony’s brother) to cancer last week. I hope you don’t mind that I wait to write about this for a bit.
Turning to my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast – I was excited to learn that it has been picked up by iHeart radio. You can now find the podcast almost everywhere podcasts are played.
As for this week’s release: Ageing 🙂
As of 2016 there were more Canadians over the age of 65 than there were under the age of 14. Our society’s challenge now,  is the urgency to which we need to be proactive about the fact we are living longer- much longer.

Today we are focusing on being proactive and understanding what lies ahead in senior care, for you and  your loved ones. From care navigation to education, financial planning, downsizing, relocation, consultants, outlets, specialists and the list goes on. I sit down with Jennifer Moir, the owner of Agewell to tackle this subject. Jennifer is involved in senior housing and relocation but also sees herself as an expert in care navigation and an advocate for senior care.Their slogan  Trusted Guidance for Aging Adults and Families”.  If you have a family member who is struggling with “what comes next” or your family is having a difficult time navigating family politics or health care decisions- this would be an ideal conversation to listen too.

You can find more information about Agewell at

A reminder about my role with TMPL Sportswear as a Brand Activist.
Here are their “Brand Pillars”
TMPL Sportswear is produced using the world’s most exacting human and environmental standards. Our dyes and fabrics are free of dangerous toxins, making TMPL safer for your body when exposed to open skin pores.
Our products are made locally, employing the fairest labor practices where our producers are provided a safe work environment, fair living wages and health benefits.
TMPL Sportswear is constructed using our Pur-Tec Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified performance fabrics, and features moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, anti-odor technology, UV protection, and more. Superior feel, comfort and breathability means you can work even harder.

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My meditation is now part of my daily routine. I loved all the feedback from some of you who wrote to tell me about your experiences with it. Don’t laugh- but I actually try and get it in twice a day. I also miss it when I don’t get it in- and crave it. Its amazing how something I fought for so long has become an integral part of my life now.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead!

Much Love,
Lianne xo