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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I always joke that despite the fact that I have two daughters, Mother’s Day is still about my mom and I’m lucky to be able to say that. I’m not as fortunate when it comes to Father’s Day. I wish people were able to tell their loved ones every day how much they are loved and not when society says so.  It was perfect timing to have my mom on my “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast. You can click on any of the links below to catch the episode which really focuses on my mom as a trailblazer in her own right. If anyone wonders where I get my passion for health, fitness, sports and competition you need to look no further. As I mentioned previously, we talk about her role as a coach, the business of sport, the evolution of coaching and the list goes on. Please check it out and subscribe! If you’re a subscriber of the podcast, please do leave a review in your favourite podcast app – it will help others find my podcast! As always, please feel free to comment on the YouTube link or send me a message!

Speaking of which….

As I am getting into the flow of my podcasts I am realizing what I enjoy most and what I need to improve on. This is a new craft for me, and as much as I enjoy the format there is still a learning curve as to where the flow should go, when and where to take a pause and reflect and how to keep a guest on topic. My podcast with Jody Mitic, which will be released this coming Thursday, is a prime example. He was awesome, but I should have had a leash. I must warn you that we hit on topics I didn’t expect, got off topic more than once and used language unbecoming for TV. It’s in need of a part two and three!

I would like to state that I own the Jenga title in my household and I attribute this talent to endlessly playing the game while I was growing up with my brother. Julia, from Oil Changers, was a great opponent as we attempted to play the game while discussing the benefits of having your air filters changed. I am talented at creating my own mess inside my car, so it was nice to be reminded that the air filters are doing their job in keeping the outside dirt and dust from entering the car and our breathing air. I blame myself for the spilled coffee and empty wrappers. Enjoy watching the video, and as part of the brand ambassador program, I am able to pass on the savings to you. Below you will find a coupon for a 10% discount which can be used at any of the 30 Oil Changers locations across the city.

We’re updating the “In The Kitchen” section of the website today with additional videos from Korey Kealey and Rachel Caven. I have a few friends who are completely obsessed these days with cashew cream. My friends don’t have any dietary restrictions or food intolerances – they just love the taste and the texture. Korey explains more. Rachel – who had great feedback from her clients listening to our podcast, by the way – continues to share her passion and knowledge with additional videos.

Along with updating the In the Kitchen page, I’ve also updated the Fit At Home section with this spring’s edition! The focus this time was on full body exercises without the use of equipment. Check it out to get inspired to throw some new exercises into your daily workout!

Next Monday is a long weekend –  so keep your eye out for next week’s newsletter on Tuesday

Have a great week!

Lianne xo