Photoshoot, Photoshop, Passion & Preparation…and We Are Just Getting Started!

Earlier this summer I did a photoshoot with photographer Gord Weber. The photoshoot had a “Health and Fitness” theme. It was very different from the usual headshots I had done over the years and it forced me out of my comfort zone. At 43 I wanted the focus to be about movement, strength and personal reflection. I was hoping to create photos that let you see and tackle the obstacles before you, to laugh or to focus, but in general to feel good in your body.

Considering my wardrobe is still shifting away from the pencil skirts, dresses and stilettos I needed some help with the “activewear” aspect and Bayshore Shopping Center was incredibly helpful in creating some fun looks. Many thanks to makeup artist Natalie Peachy for giving me the “natural” look (when in fact the natural look takes time to create)! Thank you Gord, for understanding the vision I had and helping me create it through your lens and talent.

If you have been on Instagram, flipped through a magazine or played with a Snapchat filter you know that often a picture has been modified, edited or photoshopped. I feel I have been really honest in all of my mail outs and wanted to say that some of these shots have been “edited”. In doing so, I wanted to be transparent and share what some of the pictures looked like “before and after”.

There are additional photos on the website as well. I had hundreds to choose from!

My podcast this Thursday comes full circle with world renown conductor Alexander Shelley. About 6 months ago I had his wife Zoe on my podcast. Zoe spoke about her amazing experience through the casting, training, and finally shooting of Wonder Woman. At the time, she had just announced she was pregnant with their first child. As timing would have it, Alexander and I met last week to tape his podcast. The podcast was underscored by the anticipation their baby boy would arrive within the next two weeks. Their son, Sasha arrived two days later. Congrats to both Zoe and Alex! I can’t wait to meet him!

As for Alex’s podcast, it was an inspiring conversation and I learned so much about the world of classical music. I have always felt a deep kinship with musicians, who like athletes, train and practice for hours (to the point of exhaustion) looking to become the best. It requires a deep dedication to the craft and a passion to live it. Very few make it to the top. Alexander and I talk about his unique childhood in London, why he chose conducting over playing, how music transforms us and why there is a purpose to every note on the page. Our main focus is on preparation and how it becomes the critical factor for success, not just in music or athletics but in life.

In celebration of Alex’s podcast, I’ve teamed up with the NAC to offer one of my followers the chance to win two tickets to the opening night of 2018/2019 season! To enter, simply make sure you’re following me and the NAC on Instagram and watch for my post Thursday, tagging the person you would take with you! I will notify the winners next Wednesday!

Also, as always, here are the links to the recent “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast with Money Coach Judith Cane.

Have a great week everyone!

Next Monday is Labour Day, so I’ll save the update for Tuesday when we are dealing with the shift in schedules, back to school and back to reality!

Lianne xo