On Top Of The World – In More Ways Than One

It was a jammed packed weekend with back-to-back charity events and a little work in between. The Snowsuit Fund will distribute over 17,000  new snowsuits to children in our community this winter and our gala is a major fundraiser. As a board member and past chair, I always look forward to hosting this event.

While this newsletter is making its way into your inbox, I’m boarding a flight to Windsor for a fun project tomorrow! Seeing as I couldn’t be in studio this week, we did a double podcast taping last week to ensure we don’t skip a beat. As for what’s coming your way Thursday? One crazy roller coaster ride with mountaineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and former runaway Shawn Dawson.

In brief, Shawn became the 8th person in history to climb all seven summits of the world in under two years. He talks about his time on Everest, his passion for climbing, his experience with near death events and his desire to help others through his climbs. His story of transformation from a troublesome, jail bound, runaway kid to being awarded one of the city’s “Amazing People Recipients” gives everyone a sense of purpose and the belief that one can always change for the better.

I have my own personal relationship with Shawn as we spent time training for and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2014 with his Dream Mountain Team, the charity he created. Dream Mountains has helped raise over $1.3 million for charity.

Some of you may recall the series we did as I prepared for my own climb up Kilimanjaro. It was a time in my life I am truly grateful for, from the stair climbing to the training hikes to the ten days spent on the mountain. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life both on the physical and mental side. I climbed with two of my best friends Brynn and Carol, along with the Dream Mountain team. We laughed, we cried and I puked the entire way up the mountain. In difficult times, I often put myself back on that mountain to understand just how strong I can be.

Below please find some of the shots from our climb of Kilimanjaro. Some of these pictures will make a little more sense after listening to the podcast

     .   .  

While Shawn’s podcast will be released on Thursday, currently new to the current line up is my podcast with Shirley Plant. There is an overwhelming amount of information in it for those of you who deal with food allergies, intolerance, IBS and stress. I hope you have had a chance to check it out – as always here are the links to find it.


Have an epic week everyone!

See you back here next Monday!

Lianne xo