Nutrition, Etiquette and Building a Business Empire – All Part of New Content Monday! 

Happy New Content Monday!

If you have followed any of my Instagram and social media posts you will notice I’ve been spending quite a bit more time in Natural Food Pantry (NFP) these days. While they already have three established stores in the city, the new location in Barrhaven is perfect for me. It’s a gorgeous space with a bakery, kitchen classrooms and a café. I’ve already shifted some of my buying habits, especially when it comes to the kid’s snacks and trying to decrease their sugar intake.

I’ve also had a chance to learn more about the work they are doing and the services they are providing. Holistic nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve is NFP’s lead educator, who spends quite a bit of time keeping up with new products and research, while also planning seminars and workshops for the stores. In addition to Natasha’s role, there is always a certified nutritionist on the floor at all of their locations which allows customers to ask questions at any time. People often express that they feel intimidated walking into a “health food” store, but in reality, the staff want you to ask questions and find the solution or suggestions you are looking for and that are right for you. Natasha wanted to focus on a topic that many people are asking about! So let’s talk “Detox & Cleanse!

I am currently in the midst of choosing some of my favourite clips from my “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast for a fun highlight reel. For those of you who have subscribed to the podcast you will have just heard etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau. I have had a number of people already come up to me about her podcast, surprised at how interesting the topic could be and mentioning that they learned unexpected tricks and tips from Julie as well. These comments always make me smile. I really love bringing new information to the listeners and broadening their perspective on topics as well. You can now check it out!

My new episode, coming out this Thursday is with David Segal, the co-founder of David’s Tea and Mad Radish. This was a unique conversation as it encompassed both the health and wellness side of the marketplace – but we also went deeper into the life of an entrepreneur, the growth of a business and what it takes to succeed. He had some fun stories, some great analytical suggestions and some wonderful guidance for anyone thinking about launching a business or concept. As always, the new podcasts come out on Thursdays.

Please continue to like, comment, subscribe and suggest to a friend. I was excited to learn that the podcast is now part of Listen Notes, which is one of the top search engine sites for podcasts. It’s nice to see that it’s catching on! Your support is essential and I truly appreciate it!

See you next Monday 😊