New Video Content, Candy Wrappers & Podcasts With Purpose!

Sooooo, how many Halloween candy wrappers have you found hidden between couch cushions, underneath pillows and in the bathroom trash cans? I have guilty individuals of all ages everywhere in my household. I’m giving it another day before I hide the loot!

I want to give a shout out to my friend Tina who made my Halloween attempts look criminal in comparison. For one, I buy candy that I don’t like which makes ignoring the pile much easier – Tina on the other hand, prepares her snack bags with such precision that I had to take a picture and share it with you! Tina made 150 bags which contained one bag of chips, 4 candy bars, two lollipops and a handful of rockets – each placed with perfection. Needless to say, her house was the jackpot of all houses. I sat with Tina as our daughters made their way around her neighborhood. I will refrain from lecturing on the subject of Halloween – it’s a childhood tradition, and I indulge for a day or two, but I do feel bad for teachers as they try to survive one more week of sugar highs and meltdowns 😉

I’m adding additional videos with Stephanie Karlovits to the website this week which pertain to our podcast. I’m the first to admit I haven’t warmed up to yoga or meditation, although I know I should. My retired gymnast body is sore and stiff more than I care to admit and even more so now, as I sit for longer periods of time. My new entrepreneurial mindset refuses to shut-off or slow down, it’s  in a constant stage of “what have I forgotten to do?” I believe meditation should be on my daily list and I do sincerely want to try and incorporate it into my daily life. I know this isn’t something that will come easy and so I am prepared for baby steps and checkpoints. One of the videos today is a quick example of how one can shift their mindset or thought process long enough to regroup (or at least attempt to….it takes practice).

I’m wondering how NutriChem‘s phone lines are doing after the podcast with Dr. Siddiqui went live. I know it resonated with a lot of people and I’m thrilled people are choosing to do something with the information provided and make changes to empower their lives.

I think this week’s podcast will trigger a reaction as well. Cookbook author and nutritionist Shirley Plant is in the hot seat. For anyone who deals with food allergies and food intolerance – this podcast is a must! For any parent looking for tips on foods to help their ADHD kids, listen to this. I met Shirley on the set of CTV Morning Live and really enjoyed the information she offered up, so much so that after one of our segments talking about nutrition and kids with ADHD I booked her in for a consult with my eldest daughter Andie. Andie had been diagnosed with ADD but we didn’t like the reaction she was having to the meds, especially as we tried to figure out which one worked best. In the end, and after a few different medications, we took her off the medication all together and chose to look at her food intake and diet as a tool. Shirley was fantastic with Andie and I appreciated her patience trying to get Andie to try new things. Shirley’s story of discovery is quite fascinating, and I hope you enjoy our discussion as much as I did.

I have an event coming up on Wednesday night if anyone is interested in attending! I have no idea what to expect, but it will be nice to share some insight on how I transferred what I learned as an athlete into my everyday life.

Have a great week!