New Content Tuesday – Discounts for You and Snacks for Them!

I didn’t take long for me to put the pieces in place when I sat down with Julia Parker from Oil Changers. I was embarrassingly honest – I couldn’t remember the last time I had my oil changed, let alone be able to show you where the oil is supposed to go.

Don’t judge yet! I start the car and drive, when the gas light comes on, I fill up the tank. That’s it! Eventually when the Volkswagen maintenance crew track me down, I begrudgingly bring the car in.

The reality is, I’m not alone and many women like me, dread the upkeep. We don’t like to feel the pressure or appreciate the up-sale of products or the attempt to profit on our naivety.  For those of you educated about car maintenance – kudos to you!

As a family business, Oil Changers has committed to keeping the visits quick, painless and honest. They are committed to living up their motto “Fast & Friendly service in 9 minutes or less.” Over the next few months we will have a chance to explain the type of work that is available and why it matters. Plus, I figured, if I’m giving up 9 minutes, I might as well make it count! Julia and I had some fun doing these videos – but what I love more, is the opportunity to pass along the discount to you and your loved ones.

Mention you saw the videos and you will be given a 5$ discount off an oil change (use Promo Code LIANNE5).

This week I also introduce you to Melanie Reid, the founder of Balanced Plate Nutrition. I was thrilled when Melanie, a mother of 4, launched her business and I was excited for her to share her advice on kids eating habits and patterns. I am incredibly guilty of throwing in the pre-packaged snacks and treats into my daughters’ lunches. I blame my lack of baking skills for most of it, but in all honesty, I should be making the effort to help balance their intake. I try and compromise my own thinking that the double dipped Granola bar is offset by the carrots – but I know better. Melanie offers quick and easy recipes with added nutritional value that helps keep their sugar levels consistent and their brains focused on learning. We start off with some easy snacks that I will be posting to my “In The Kitchen” segments. You can also check out Melanie’s website

Have a great shortened work week- and see you back here on Thursday!