My Two Cents on Gym Etiquette

New Year’s resolutions are not meant to be torture. The minute you start viewing it that way- you fail. Transition isn’t punishment and change isn’t always negative. They both can be incredibly liberating.

As many of you know, I’m a gym buff, so over the last 25 years I’ve become quite accustomed to the pattern at the gym. New fresh faces on January 2nd who slowly dwindle by Valentine’s Day. Classes are jammed packed, trainers are busier than ever and your favourite spot to stretch may be occupied by an unfamiliar face. Then, fast forward 6 weeks and one by one the treadmills open back up, the extra spin bike is available and your favourite locker is yours once again. There are a number of factors as to why the numbers dwindle but I believe there are ways to change the dynamics:

My Thoughts on The Matter:

  • For all you Gym Newbies: Welcome! Congrats on making what is likely a difficult transition. Its great to have you on board!
  • For the rest of us: Be that person who demonstrates what a healthy body and mind can do for the soul.
  • Take the earbuds out and extend a friendly smile.
  • If you know someone is feeling lost or intimidated – offer a hand.
  • When a person is standing at the cardio equipment pushing all the wrong buttons – pause your workout – show them how it works.
  • For those of you loading up the bars with weights – take them off when you are done and wave the next person in.
  • If the person is doing an exercise totally wrong to the point where they might injure themselves- suggest them trying a lighter weight, or show them the proper technique. Mention that you’ve been where they are and it will all come naturally sooner than later.

And for all you Gym Newbies, we realize the situation can be intimidating, and you may feel embarrassed walking around not knowing what to do – Give your fellow gym buffs some credit. We aren’t judging you, we may be deep in our own thoughts, focused on our next set or staring off into space- not at you. We are internally cheering you on!

We can all help change the culture. The gym after all is meant to be our happy place! 😊