Monday Warrior! Fighting Cold & Flu, Plus Battling Our Inner Demons

We head back to Natural Food Pantry with lead educator and holistic nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve this month to talk about building up our immune systems as the weather shifts and the kids bring home colds. Yes, there are some quick fixes when it comes to remedies, but when we are talking about preventative health – how awesome would it be not to get sick in the first place?

My podcast this week is with my dear friend Séan McCann. I first met Séan on the set of CTV Morning Live when he was promoting his first show here in the city.  He had just moved to Ottawa from Newfoundland with his wife and two sons. Back then, in my pre-show prep I learned that he had a been a member of the popular Canadian band “Great Big Sea” and spoke openly about his alcoholism and recovery. To make a long story short (the longer version is in the podcast) our families became friends and they have become a special part of our lives. In our podcast, Séan talks candidly about growing up in Newfoundland, the abuse he suffered by a priest as a teenager, the creation of GBS, his downfall with alcohol and the day he hit rock bottom. From there Séan takes us through the journey of his recovery, of facing his truth and the difficult reality of one needing to “put in the work” when it comes to living one’s truth. We talk about mental health, music as therapy and how his guitar “Old Brown” has been by his side through it all. I realized as well, through a little research that I knew more Great Big Sea songs than I thought and that hearing him play his own songs, with deep meaning can be incredibly therapeutic. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did. We all battle our own demons, but Séan puts you in a head space to want to find your peace.

The response was fantastic this week to Stephen Beckta’s podcast. As always there are a number of ways to listen and watch. The numbers continue to grow each month so please continue to spread the word about the content and the guests. I am incredibly grateful for each listen, comment, like and subscription. It’s because of all of you that I am able to do this and see it grow.

I was back at Saunders Farm once again this weekend. This time dropping off my eldest daughter Andie for her first “unaccompanied” trip with friends at night for “Fright Fest”. She loved it! For those of you looking to purchase tickets online this week – you can use my promo code HS6405 for a 10% discount on the tickets. This week’s code is valid for purchase Tuesday Oct 16th though Sunday Oct 21st at 11:59pm. Enjoy!

Have a great week everyone- See you back here next Monday!
Lianne xo