Milestones & achievements to be celebrated…

Lives Worth Celebrating…
From my Mom’s 70th birthday celebrations, to watching my friend Chris Phillips get inducted into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, my weekend was about honoring the people I care about and admire.

There really is something to celebrate when you watch people age, deal with illness and the loss of friends. My mom turned 70 a few days ago and I was simply grateful for her health and her ability to still do the things she loves! Her celebrations started with a girls day at the Nordik Spa with friends she has known, some for over 50 years. It was a great afternoon which wrapped up at the Nordik Lodge we rented to dine and stay. The chalet is incredible and if anyone is looking for a way to celebrate a milestone, birthday, engagement etc- this is amazing. Full access to the spa and a chance to unwind and stay over. Thank you to my girlfriend Shari Canning of ” I Do Events Ottawa” for sneaking in to the chalet and decorating the table for our special dinner. It was an amazing surprise for my mom! Saturday night was all about family as all the grand kids of our blended family gathered to celebrate. My mom’s husband Jack put on a wonderful evening. My mom has a crazy life story…A child of Holocaust parents, she escaped Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution at the age of 7. She spent almost a year living as a refugee in Austria before arriving to Canada. Orphaned by the time she was 17 my mom has been a rock of determination and hard work to support herself and her family. Raising my brother and I while building her amazing business Corona Gym Club.  I have learned the value of hard work, determination and the capacity to create something special. She lives five minutes away from me, drops everything to help me out, is a hands on Bubbie and still manages to hit the gym, survive book clubs and ease her way through bridge! She travels the world, seeking new places and adventures, customs and people! I am grateful for her health as I still have plenty to learn from her about life! I hope you know how loved you are mom! Xoxo

If you love sports and enjoy hearing stories about how sport shapes lives’ then you would enjoy attending the Ottawa Sports Hall Of Fame Inductions. Former Ottawa Senators Defenceman Chris Phillips had a significant cheering section on hand (five tables in fact) when he was inducted Friday night. While I did interview Chris hundreds of times when I covered the Ottawa Senators, I was proud to be there as a friend admiring his class, athletic achievements and generosity to this city. He was on quite the high, knowing that while we were all gathered to celebrate his accomplishments, former President Barack Obama was hanging out at his Big Rig establishment enjoying a pint with our Prime Minister. I would say that’s one hell of a day!

Within the next few hours, a massive sale will be launched for the Awaken A Better Your Wellness Cruise Along The Danube. You have learned about the cruise, cities, experts, itinerary etc over the last year as I have embarked on this project- one major final push to fill the ship is underway. I would love to have you on board and share in this journey with some amazing passengers and all of the experts on hand. Savings could be as high as $800.00 per person for certain packages. Please check out the website for more information. Are you looking for a certain take away from a trip like this- let me know if we can help shape that vision. I would love to hear from you!

In this week’s podcast I sit down with Brain Ignition founder Chett Binning and begin to understand the world of Neuro Science and Neuro Nutrition. A former hockey player, Chett began his quest to understand human potential while recovering from an injury at Carleton University. We focus on what seem to be “buzz words” for wellness these days, “intermittent fasting, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, sleep optimization, fat loss, hermetic stressors, keto, cross fit…and the list goes on. Brain Ignition provides evidence based tool to athletes in order to improve energy, recovery and overall brain health. The podcast will be released on Thursday.

Another big week ahead and hoping to build on a few projects I have been working on. I hope you all have a great week and I would love to hear from you. Please email any thoughts, questions, suggestions you have for the content and podcast topics you would like to see.

Much Love,
Lianne xo