Making Movement Matter – A Follow up With Epic Fitness Plus IV Therapy & More!

I had a tough time getting to sleep last night. A house, two doors down on my street caught fire just before dinner. We were heading to my mom’s for Sunday dinner and pulling out of the driveway, when we caught sight of massive red flames coming through the window. I called 911. As we ran to the house- the occupants were making their way out. Tony ran in to see how he could help, and ran back out looking for a fire extinguisher. By the time a neighbour handed one over, the smoke was too intense to go back in. (I should mention, that I had just watched “the pivotal” episode of This Is Us two nights ago- which didn’t help). The response from the fire department was amazing! I watched as they arrived quickly, unloaded, surveyed the situation and went in. The main structure of the house remains, but essentially that is it. We eventually made our way to my moms, as we left our street jammed with six fire trucks, Tony looked over at me and confessed that we didn’t have a working fire extinguisher. He is purchasing one as I write this. The timing is quite fitting since I know the news cycle so well, there will be segments and reminders this week to check your batteries and your fire escape plan, as we push the clocks back on Sunday.

The events of the Pittsburgh shooting also hit incredibly close to home. As I mentioned, I tossed and turned last night.

On a much lighter note….

I had a great opportunity when I finished Stephanie’s podcast last week to complement the podcast with some videos using the Extension Marketing studios. I have already admitted this, on more than one occasion, but Tuesdays are my favorite days because I get to be in the sound booth recording my podcasts. As an aside: I have a very distinct walk (especially when I am in heels) something often mentioned to me on the set of CTV Morning Live. The other day, Graeme, one of the employees at Extension Marketing (and the genius who helps me with my computer issues) mentioned that he knew I had arrived based on the sound of my heels coming through the building. I felt very much at home at that point. While I have claimed the center desk of the office as my work space while I am at EM, the space itself is quite remarkable. After realizing wearing white was likely not a smart idea, Stephanie and I got down to business recording some fitness segments in Studio 1. Towards the end of our podcast, Stephanie and I talked about the basics of functional movement, the thought process behind it and the movements which best exemplify it. The following videos help support some of the thinking. I will also have additional videos for you next week looking at meditation and tools being used to help inspire you to do it.

As for the podcast being released this coming Thursday, we sit down with Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, a naturopathic doctor with NutriChem. Dr Siddiqui’s call to medicine is quite unique. It made for a very interesting kick off to the podcast. His journey to different parts of the world to follow his calling, is a fascinating story. We hit on a number of different topics, but we focused on digestion which he believes is the foundation of health. We discuss men’s and women’s sexual health along with the exploding world of IV therapy. IV Therapy is quickly becoming a sought after service especially when dealing with adrenal fatigue, IBS, immune function, the list goes on. Right from the start you know this is going to be a great story, especially when he confided the fact that his dad preached “Exercise wastes heartbeats – and you don’t want to run out.” It made for a good laugh!

Congrats to Saunders Farm on an amazing Haunting Season! I was happy to hear many of you took advantage of the weekly promo codes and were able to get out for either the day festivities or FrightFest. Congrats to Lisa Riopelle who won four tickets to take in FrightFest Halloween night at Saunders. She won the tickets off my Instagram page. If you aren’t following me yet, please do so, as you can have the chance to win NAC tickets!

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Have a great week!

Lianne xo