Making Memories, Living with and Facing the Beast Known as Anxiety

I’m writing my Monday update from sunny Florida. It hasn’t been sun tan weather but its far better than the weather reports I received from back home. Once this newsletter arrives in your inbox I will be back on Canadian soil and trying to maintain the brave face by repeating the mantra, I love Canadian winters, I love Canadian winters.

It’s been a whirlwind trip for Andie and her OSU teammates playing in the ESPN Soccer Showcase. The fact the girls even made it to Florida was an undertaking. OSU required the girls to earn their spot in the tournament by strong play and outcomes during the summer season. They almost felt like they had won by just being part of the action. What transpired was beautiful to see – despite being nervous and overwhelmed during the first 10 minutes of their first game, which resulted in 2 goals, they quickly found their groove and never allowed another goal the rest of the tournament.

They played against some incredibly strong teams from Florida and Georgia, finishing with a win, tie and loss. The tie, on Saturday night, was played under stadium lights with their largest audience. They played like superstars – it helped that the team they lost to needed OSU to tie or win for them to reach the final. Essentially an entire association from Jensen Beach and their families waved Canadian flags, screaming and cheering for our girls knowing we determined their fate. The cheering and screaming was so loud, spectators from other games came over to see what all the commotion was about and why the Canadian anthem was being sung and flags being waved in masses! It was awesome, and it worked!  Jensen went on to win the championship game. Congrats to the OSU Girls U14 Force team! Memories that will last a lifetime!

As for this week’s podcast – it’s a bit different. The topic was anxiety, and  the difference between anxiety and stress, along with ways to cope. Arnold Zeman was my guest and I discovered his teaching practice called “Focusing”. Living with high anxiety himself, to the point he doesn’t drive, Arnold talks about acceptance of this trait, kindness from others and the ability to live with and not fight the illness. Arnold is quirky and honest and with a genuine desire to help others as a coach. His episode will be released on Thursday.


In the meantime, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist Sarah Zahab’s episode is out now! You can check out the links to her episode and the other “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” episodes.

I hope some of you may be able to join me on Thursday night for “Ladies Night” at Natural Food Pantry – there will be some great speakers, information sessions, product demos etc. Head here to register for the event!


Have a great week everyone and see you back here next Monday!

Lianne xo