Life Before and After Hockey: A Discussion with Chris and Erin Phillips

Living your Life with Lianne Laing – Ep. 5
I love the Thursday newsletters because they usually involve a story, insight into a relationship and a personal connection to the podcast guest.

I asked my good friends Erin and Chris Phillips to be guests on my podcast long before the podcast even existed, had materialized or had a name. They were quick to say “Sure, No problem…Tell us when and where.” And so, five weeks in, I had them sitting across from me, Chris even sporting my husband’s signature TH Hockey ball cap! I love that he has a collection of them.

The short version goes like this – Erin and I met young, when I frequented the Bulldog and she poured the drinks (one of a dozen entrepreneur jobs she held at the time). She was one of the most outgoing people I had ever come across. We reconnected weeks before our weddings (a week apart) when we posed for a photoshoot for the Ottawa Citizen and their bridal edition. I still have the article. Less than a year later, just before she gave birth to her first child Ben, I profiled them in their first home, setting up the nursery. The friendship blossomed from there. Chris, the first overall 1996 NHL draft pick was making a name for himself in the city and Erin, who is from the area was putting her connections and philanthropic ways to work. I was a sports anchor at the rink covering Chris and the Ottawa Senators. What I think we all appreciated over the years was, that the friendship and trust came first.

While I could have made this podcast about Chris, hockey and his life in the NHL, I really felt that what makes this story so complete and well-rounded is the partnership between him and Erin. We focus on the shifts in life and responsibility as the family grew, the game of hockey itself, how it changed over Chris’s career and how Erin adapted to every new challenge they faced. It’s about family, health, wellness and nutrition. It’s also about adapting, nurturing and adjusting to life when there are new challenges and obstacles every day. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.

Also, a side note…my sincere apologies. For anyone who may have tried to get in touch with me via my contact page on my website – I did not receive the messages. We recently discovered a technical glitch that none of the messages were going through. If you had sent something, please resend it. I wasn’t ignoring you. I am actually really trying to return all my messages 😊

Until next time,
Lianne xo