Impacting the Lives of Others – A Discussion With the Mayor

What I found interesting when Mayor Jim Watson came by the Extension Marketing studios for our podcast was that he joked that he was nervous. I had no political questions on the agenda, no platforms to cover, no election promises to check off and no request for an update on the LRT. I figured this was an easy home run for my former colleague. I loved him even more for saying that he was nervous though, because he knew the focus was on wellness, balanced lifestyle, health and fitness and he didn’t want to fail miserably.

Granted, he isn’t lacing up the sneakers to go for a daily run, adding protein to his balanced diet (I’m being sarcastic there) or managing 8 hours of sleep a night (he has sleep apnea). In fact, he gets an ‘F’ on all aspects. But while he hasn’t always given himself the best chance for his own health, he has made an impact for other peoples lives. We chat about a Smoke Free Ontario, athlete funding, access to recreation and the list goes on.

I had 30 minutes on the clock– this was my allotted window– my timer was set in reverse so I could keep him on schedule and get him out on time to his next meeting. I appreciated that he felt time flew by and he wanted to keep chatting. So, I’ll just have to book him in again.

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Enjoy the long weekend!

I’ve got the start of Passover to look forward to and 22 people at my Mom’s house for Seder. I’ll be in her kitchen all day Friday…

Happy Easter for those of you celebrating…Enjoy all the treats!

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