Human connection & Human Potential

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. While my family was celebrating Passover and beginning our 8 days of no bread (yeast and everything that goes with it) , I hope you all had a fantastic Easter as well. I do want to give my mom and Jack a shout-out for the beautiful table set up (Jack) for 21 people and the amazing spread my mom starting preparing weeks ago. As the family expands and the kids get older the conversation at the dinner table becomes increasingly interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. With blended families and mixed religions questions about g-d, faith, traditions and “real proof” dominated the conversation. We should have put more wine on the table 🙂

Update on my “Headspace” meditation: I started to feel the five minutes were going by pretty quick, so by session 7, I moved it to 10 minutes 😊 I have yet to solve the world’s problems, or shut off the endless “should have done this” list in my head but I have managed to find a few moments of blank space. That’s good right?

Speaking of being in the right mindset- this week’s podcast with Parmees Yazdanyar is going to blow you away. Her title? Functional Medicine & Peak Performance Speaker & Consultant. I just loved our chat and wanted to feed off the energy and the vibe she gave off.

With a background in integrative medicine, behavioral neuroscience and positive psychology, Parmees combines the most relevant strategies from all three fields to create a three-pillar system that helps high-achievers bio/neuro-hack their way to improved energy, motivation, productive output and overall quality of life. I get that this sounds a little overwhelming and complex but her information and explanation for human behavior is bang on and there were clear take-aways from the podcast. This is about letting go of the things that control you, and allowing ourselves to break out of patterns that are limiting our potential. Parmees is young and passionate and I think will become a powerhouse in this field. You can find more about Parmees on her website

Also a big congrats to Shirley who won the tickets to the Governor General Awards this Saturday night at the NAC. I loved her initial response: “Oh wow- What!!! What!!! OMG. OMG what will I wear”.  I hope she has a blast. I can’t wait to see my former high school head girl and Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Person Sandra Oh.

In addition to attending the GG Awards (which I have yet to look for a dress for) I am looking forward to speaking this week at Natural Resources Canada for their Administrative Professionals Day.

Have a great week everyone, a shortened work and school week for many!

Much Love,
Lianne xo