Hormones, Workouts and Milestones – Take your Pick!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Despite many days feeling like I am still lost in an abyss – I did experience an overwhelming sense of accomplishment last Tuesday when I realized that I had just taped my 25th episode of my “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast. The podcast, with a strong emphasis on healthy living, education and personal stories, was the one dream/project I was determined to get off the ground when I left CTV Morning Live. People often ask me the emotions I am going through leaving one world behind and entering a new one. My answer seems to always be that every day continues to be a challenge but I seem to always find my footing Tuesday mornings when I am back in the studio with an opportunity to interview my guest. I am most at home talking to people, asking the questions I feel need to be asked and listening with purpose. I loved that part about my job while hosting the morning show, and it’s what I miss the most. Pat Whalen and Extension Marketing took a chance on the podcast right from the start and it’s been wonderful to see it grow every day. I am grateful for the guests who said “yes” to the podcast even before it existed, and I am thankful to those who have yet to be on, but who congratulate me when I tell them I’m booking three months down the line. The numbers continue to build as people are listening, downloading and sharing the content. Thank You so much for the support.

I’ve also embarked on another new adventure with the fitness app “Playbook.” If you’ve been following me this long, you know my workouts and healthy lifestyle are an essential part of my day. I am often asked at the gym to breakdown my workouts and have had people request that I take them on for training and workouts. My workouts are a culmination of the hundreds of interviews I have done with trainers sharing some of their favourite exercises and tips. I have listened, gone home and tried many of these exercises. I have created my own combinations and workouts from them and I share all the workout details on the app. There is a long waiting list of trainers waiting to be accepted or approved for the app so it was great to get the call when they said they wanted me on board. You can find more information about the app and be able to try it out or join.












I hope you have had the chance to take in last week’s podcast with Sarah Robert. Despite having all the links correct I had misnamed her book. You can find all the information about her book “The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge” on her website “Sarah Talks Food.”

As for this week – I had a wake-up call. We talk hormones with Dr. Tanya Manikkham, a naturopathic doctor with Nutrichem. Our health can be attributed to a number of factors and I got quite lesson about the effects of hormones – whether a lack of them or too many of them in our bodies. Menopause of course became a big theme but we discuss overall symptoms of hormone imbalance and how it is way more common then we think (when we aren’t going through menopause). Dr. Manikkham has some great advice, tips and concerns she shares. This podcast isn’t just for women, as men are affected just as much as they age. As always, the podcast will be released on Thursday to all the platforms.

Hope you have an epic week!

Lianne xo