“Hello” …. from somewhere along the Danube River

Where on the Danube?

There were times I wondered if would actually see the day that the “Lianne & Friends Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise” would set sail. We all have big dreams, passion projects and ambitious goals that we want to strive for, but often get easily distracted by fear, limited beliefs and judgement of others. It’s an incredibly scary place to be especially when an idea is new and foreign to others. I can now take a deep breath, inhale, exhale and smile.

As I write this update from the top deck of the AmaViola ship in Budapest, I am full of gratitude. Our Expedia Cruiseship Centers Ottawa guests (and some from around the globe) arrived one by one. Each person checking in, finding their cabins and learning more about what was in store for this magical week. My amazing team of health and wellness experts stepped into their roles and we launched the week in style.

Weather in Europe

We have been blessed with glorious weather, warmer temperatures and blissful sunshine. In late October we are experiencing summer like temperatures. Our morning workouts went off in perfect succession with Pat’s circuit training workout following by Julie’s pilates class. The sun rose as the participants tried new things. The best was seeing food specialist Korey Kealey, act as guide through the monstrous Market Hall, with a headset, lolipop sign and entourage to boot. It was just perfect. That was just this morning. Everyone set off on their chosen excursions before coming back to the ship for a late lunch. We have an essential oils seminar with PureOilz and Tosca Reno’s Three E’s of Wellness. All this before an evening of cocktails, dinner and entertainment as we finally ship out and make our way to Bratislava. To Tosca, Korey, Pat, Amanda, Julie and Melody- we make a beautiful team.

The Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

I had amazing response last week from the podcast released with Bruce Linton. Thank you for the shares on several social media platforms.

As for this weeks guest- hold on to your seat and make sure the kids aren’t in the car with you – a few “bad words” may have slipped out!

Nabil Khatib would likely have me running in the opposite direction if we encountered each other on a dark path, he’s the exact look alike of every villain played in every movie every written, however since I know better, I’d be clinging to his arm knowing he’d likely be the best to defend against any danger. He is a teddy bear wrapped in an MMA fighter.

While he can play the tough guy on film, stunt double some fight scenes and ride off like fast and the furious, this former professional MMA fighter and 4th degree back belt is a softy to boot. Just give him a knife and this chef would rather chop up a meal, then use it as a weapon. Actually, in all honesty he was in tears within 60 seconds of starting to speak- and there would be a handful more times throughout the podcast when he opens up about real life and what the future holds.

The “Thrill”

Over the course of Nabil’s professional fighting career where his nickname was Nabil “The Thrill”  he also witnessed the influx of people, men, woman  and children alike, turning to the martial arts for its  discipline as well as the physical and emotional release. A way to combat stress and anxiety, and a tool used to hear the most silent of voices. As head coach of the team bushido fitness center – there approach is “Confidence, Balance, Self Protection….approaching the world with clarity, self confidence and control over your body.

I had intended for the podcast to be about self defence, martial arts as an exercise tool and the mind of a fighter, yet the conversation had so many twists and turns that I left feeling like anyone who has experienced adversity, rock bottom or self doubt would resonate with the story and appreciate everything about it. I do hope you all take a listen.

As always the podcast will be released Thursday.


I’ve got to get back to the cruise. Please be sure to be following me on my Instagram Stories ( @liannelaing) so that you get to check out all the action. I will eventually get them posted to Facebook as well.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow along and supported this journey.
The podcast continues to grow nightly and I would like to say thank you for that as well.

Much Love and more updates to come,
Lianne xo