Have you tried it? We did…

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to spend part of the long weekend with some amazing families and wonderful friends. We managed to fit in Tabata workouts, sun, meditation, lots of food ( someone was always in the kitchen), drink, parenting, a trip to a winery, plus the usual cottage shenanigans.

Which brings me to the first ever Camp Barefoot PickleBall Tournament. Actually I’m not sure that’s the official title of the tourney but it works for the purpose of this update. Teams were drawn from a hat, costumes created on the fly, the game taught in a short amount of time and off we went. (Brynn and Mark Ewen would be incredibly proud to see what their gift created). Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and combines tennis, ping pong and badminton Anyone can play, adults and kids teamed up- it made for great quality time for all generations.  It’s easier on the joints which is why so many seniors seem to be taking it up!Leagues are popping up everywhere and many tennis clubs or indoor racket clubs are transforming courts into pickleball courts. So fun- cant’ wait to play more!  I hope you get a kick out of our costumes! I included my top three pics and then the rest of us runner ups 🙂

If you have been following me on social media- you may have seen my post about my new “meditation pillow”. I laugh, simply because, I am not a shopper, I don’t window shop, browse or spend time online shopping. My quest for a meditation pillow was actually fun and new. I was heading out to buy an item I had no clue about or what I actually needed. I loved being able to ask questions that clarified some of my concerns, like sitting positions, or rules. Which I learned don’t exist. My friends have been asking me lots of questions about my journey, what I am feeling and what I feel its doing for me…since I usually reply its my “game changer”. Its been so nice talking about the new sensations and energy I feel during the day, the element of calm I can enjoy over the constant voice in my head and the uninterrupted sleep I seem to be having. Again, if you are just joining the newsletter- the book “The Untethered Soul” had a big impact on me. https://amzn.to/2MGdjFL
We are on the move this week for my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast sitting down via skype with Jenny Carr based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Just a few years ago Jenny survived a near death experience due to a severe Lyme and parasite infection. It’s a crazy story- but one which shaped the new world she would live in,and share.
Jenny Carr is a speaker, MOM-preneur, leading inflammation expert, and the international best selling author of Peace Of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
Whether it is recovering from an autoimmune disease, reversing chronic physical disorders, or easing behavioral and emotional conditions, Jenny specializes in helping people reverse these chronic symptoms by adopting and maintaining anti-inflammatory eating without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Think cupcakes, pizza, bread, and muffins – the anti-inflammatory way!
If you are looking for more information on Jenny Carr you can head to https://www.jennycarrhealth.com/
Once again here are a few reminders about current projects underway:
Countdown is on for the “Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise” http://www.signaturecruises.ca
The meetings and planning continue to be a lot of fun!
I am really enjoying my new TMPL Sportswear apparel. I am really looking forward to seeing the second collection being released later this month. Please use the 15% discount code LANNEL if purchasing https://tmplsportswear.com/discount/LIANNEL

Have a great shortened work week everyone. For those of you enjoying vacation…I hope you find the rest and rejuvination you were hoping for!

Much Love,
Lianne xo