Happy New Content Monday!

Happy Monday!

I’m trying not to be in crisis mode! My daughter Andie turned 13 today. Thirteen years ago, I was culminating the final minutes of a 26 hour, hard, miserable labour, only to be told she was indeed stuck, and in distress. Upon hearing the orders that I needed to be prepped for a C-section I finally let out one big mother of a curse. Looking back at the miracle of childbirth I am grateful for the experience – it allows me the ammunition to use when she really pisses me off. Proudly, the scar remains, but the memory fades. Now I am simply reminded that I am officially the mother of a teenager. She’s beyond excited with an added confidence and flare to the day and I feel like I want to cry. How did this happen? I mean technically I know how it all happened but as the years progress I feel that time is moving along faster and faster. I fear for the difference in her upbringing to mine and the added pressures she must deal with when it comes to online activity, screen time, social media and online bullying. I was forced to pull the kitchen phone’s extension cord as far as possible to find any privacy when talking to friends, let alone boys. These days she can pretend to be sleeping until I see the blue light appear from the home screen from under the blanket. Do they really think they are fooling us? What I love about her is that she’s an old soul, with an inquisitive mind and a sensitivity to other people’s trials and tribulations. She sings off tune, dances off beat and laughs before even telling her joke, its beautiful to watch and she’s mine. I love that she is encouraged by watching me take a leap of faith and seeing that hard work and perseverance do pay off in the end.

With that being said, I’ve got more videos to post to my website. I’ve added additional segments from Tosca RenoMia St. Aubin and Sarah Zahab. Tosca opens up our hips with a gentle stretch, Mia gets our hearts working with a cardio boost and Sarah works on helping moms reset their alignment after pregnancy.

As many of you are aware I am starting from scratch on the YouTube channel and with the podcast “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing.” You have been a wonderful support system as I have been building the website and if you are able to subscribe, like or comment on the videos or podcasts (as it will help in the iTunes ranking) I would be very grateful.

I’m off to plan a scavenger hunt for Andie with gifts hidden around the house… I hope you have a fantastic day!