Happy New Content Monday – Something for Everyone!

Happy Monday! The city is frozen over, and Spring is nowhere in sight but it’s still a great day as there are additional workout videos being uploaded to the website today from Tosca Reno and Mia St-Aubin….plus I get to introduce you to Pat Woodcock 🙂

I met Pat just as we had both finished our NCAA athletic careers and graduated from university. I had just started my job as a sports anchor and he was heading off to life in professional football. Our lives would continue to cross time and time again. When Pat retired from playing football he co-founded the Elite Performance Academy, training upcoming future elite athletes. However, it’s not all about producing future superstars as Pat maintains a strong emphasis on healthy living, movement and fitness for everyone at any age and at any level. Pat was one of my contributors to my “Today’s The Day” segments on CTV Morning Live and I knew he would be a great resource for these “workout segments.” When I approached him I asked that we break down simple movements into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. He had some great suggestions and I believe you will find something for everyone. I will continue to upload more of Pat’s workouts.

I’m also excited that Pat is one of my “experts” on the “Lianne & Friends Wellness Cruise”.  My Awaken A Better You Cruise with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers Ottawa is slated to cruise along the Danube in August of 2019.  We are well into the planning process and our excitement is building. Many people are asking questions about the cruise and so we are hosting an Information Session on April 24th at 7pm. Tosca Reno, Korey Kealey, Pat Woodcock, Melody Iafelice and Julie Anderton will be on hand to answer any questions and provide information to their specialties.  Amanda O’Reilly unfortunately will not be on hand since she is currently in the process of finishing her book in a tropical destination 😊

Not only will the ownership team from Expedia Cruise Ship Centers Ottawa also be on hand but so will a representative from Ama Waterways. Ama Waterways will be there as we will be sailing their brand new Amalea ship.

It will be another busy week as I release my newest podcast with Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp on Thursday. Her new book Hack Your Health Habits is hitting the shelves and its title is exactly what many people are in need of. Simple changes to take on better habits while slowly getting rid of the negative ones. The book is enormous with 12 different sections and 60 plus chapters. We attempt to break down the topics with insightful stories and motivation. Dr. Beauchamp was also one of my contributors for “Today’s The Day” and it a pleasure to sit and talk and talk.

I’ll be back with plenty more next Monday