Hana Engel – The Girl Who Caught on Fire – A Recovery Like No Other

Disclaimer: Some of the images below are incredibly difficult to look at – Some are full of hope.

As always, Monday offers a look ahead to the week, and the information coming your way. I wanted to give you a different perspective this week prior to the release of this week’s podcast, coming Thursday. I had the opportunity to sit down with Hana Engel, a young 24-year-old woman who made front page headlines when she decided to make her story public.

I had been aware of the details of her story and was waiting for it to be made public. I wanted to give to her a place to tell her important story, in her own words. On May 9th, enjoying a backyard BBQ with friends at the home of NHL player and Ottawa Senator, Cody Ceci, the unimaginable occurred and a freak accident had Hana going up in flames. Doctors and family were unsure if she would survive. She woke up from her coma four weeks after the accident to a new nightmare. While this podcast touches on the moment Hana went up in flames, we focus on her process, her treatment and her recovery. Hana shares her experience of being in her coma and how her background in yoga helped ease her way through the rehab.

Before her accident 

Two weeks into her coma 

She is incredibly brave, vulnerable and honest in our talk and has been generous in sharing pictures so you are better able to understand some of the medical procedures as we discuss her story. Before we parted ways that day, Hana did show me one picture that took me a few seconds to process. It brought everything into perspective. The picture was taken two weeks after the accident, with family still unsure if she would wake up. She mentioned she would likely never make it public. However, with each passing day, Hana is getting stronger and with that, the ability to see just how far she has come. She decided to post the picture yesterday and in so doing, shared it with me as well. I am now sharing it with you (above) as the before and after is incredible in such a short amount of time. Seeing these pictures and listening to her podcast you realize the miracle it is to just hear her voice. I am in awe of the talent and passion of doctors, medical advancements and technology. I hope you enjoy listening to Hana as much as I did and can take something from her messages. I definitely did. Thank you Hana, xo

A moment with Jake and Hana – she sent this picture along so you can get a sense of where they took the skin graphs from, all the strips along her legs.

As always, in an effort to make the podcast as easily accessible as possible you can find all the links to the latest episodes, here on my website or by clicking any of the links below. Last week’s podcast is entitled “Great Things Come in Small Packages: The Tricks, Player, Coach and Trainer Pat Woodcock Learned In Life”.

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I hope you have a fantastic week.
Lianne xo