Gut Instinct, Money Matters & Olympic Dreams!

“How are you?” A typical question asked and answered on any given day by a variety of people. Depending on the situation, or the person, we may respond politely with a short “I’m good” and respond with a reciprocal question (sometimes walking away as the person answers). I love it when people actually say the truth. It usually catches people off guard when you say “Actually, I’m not good…and here’s why…” The latter should happen more often then it does, not because people aren’t good, but because more often than not, we have a million things going on in our heads and changing it up can be refreshing. It gets even more complicated when you bring up the topics of money and health! 😊

Imagine answering the question “How Are You” – with “I’m constipated and bloated.” Not a lot of people would be so forthcoming, but it leads us into our next topic of discussion – digestion.

Holistic Nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve is the lead educator at Natural Food Pantry. She has put together some great information about gut health, digestion, probiotics and why it’s so crucial for us to understand what is happening in our gut.

This week, we also chat with Money Coach, Judith Cane about our relationship with money. If you are looking for investment advice for your portfolio or the next big stock to invest in – you won’t find it in the podcast, but what you will find is an honest discussion about how money influences our decisions and our relationships. Judith offers some great advice on how to start teaching our children about the concept of earning, saving and giving money. She explains why not understanding these concepts early affects our decisions later in life, our habits and our downfalls. She describes the work she does with her clients and why real cash is still the key to success. I have shifted my mindset a bit after our conversation and I’m looking forward to its release this coming Thursday.

The response to Hana’s podcast release last week has been amazing. Thanks to those of you who messaged. For those of you who missed last weeks update, there were lots of pictures that accompanied the podcast. You can always find the blogposts on my website as well.  As always, here are the links for the “Living Your Life with Lianne Laing” podcast.

I’m just getting back from a whirlwind trip into Boston with my mom, Jamie, my mom’s business partner Penny and her daughter Maddy. When Andie turned 10 my mom took her and I to New York City as her big birthday present. We saw a few Broadway shows, did some shopping and took in the Big Apple. When it was Jamie’s turn, she wasn’t as keen on the idea, but when we realized the US Gymnastics Championships were happening in Boston this summer, my mom offered Boston as the city and the experience. Jamie, who now trains five days a week, was sold! She hoped that it meant getting autographs from her favorite Olympic gymnasts. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen however, watching the US Gymnastics Championships live was amazing and we were able to watch Simone Biles (World and Olympic Champion) train and warm up just feet away.

While enjoying breakfast out, we also ran into former World Champion and Dancing with the Stars Champion Shawn Johnson. She was very sweet and took the time to pose with Jamie. I actually ran into some former NCAA rivals while in the stands at the TD Garden and it was nice to reconnect not as competitors but as mothers and with an appreciation for what the sport has given us.

Seeing as my mom, who turns 70 this year, is still up for the family tradition, we did our family handstand in the Boston Public Gardens.

Hope you have an awesome week! You can feel the end of summer is near!

See you next week,
Lianne xo