From Dubai to Tremblant with love…

As I mentioned last week- Tony and I are making a conscious effort to practice what we preach with the girls to get them off their devices and outside. We want them to crave a little more adventure. With summer wrapping up we made a last minute decision Friday night to pack up on Saturday morning and head to Mont Tremblant for the night. We used to spend most of our summers at Tremblant when the kids were younger and before they went off to camp. It felt so nice to be back to a place I have always considered my second home. I also needed to stay consistent with my promise to hike the mountain every year. It was a gorgeous day and I was incredibly impressed that year after year we continue to see more and more families packing a bag and making their way up the mountain. It doesn’t need to be a race and families were making a day out if. We opt to go straight up but there are some great trails that create the perfect activity.
We have also discovered that each time Tony tried to take a family selfie it winds up looking like an “album cover”. So as a family we also made the decision that whatever adventure we find ourselves on we will take the “Harris Album Cover”.
So, let me ask you- do you have family traditions that have kept things fun and light over the years with your family? I would love to hear some stories 🙂
Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

Bernadette Abraham was home from Dubai when we were able to connect in studio for the podcast, The mother of four and former engineer has spent much of the last decade training royalty and celebrities half way across the world. Now her work as a trainer goes much further as a nutritional therapist, functional medicine coach and author.
She has become a sought-after expert in her field, publishing hundreds of articles relating to overall well being, fitness, and nutrition in several magazines, newspapers, and online publications. She has hosted a network series on pre-natal fitness and nutrition and is a soon to be published author. Her book called “UNJUNK: How to raise healthy eaters in a processed world”, is set to be released this fall. We focus on aspects of the book like deceptive labels, understanding the food industry, sourcing healthier alternatives, resisting change and so much more.
Whether you want to work on digestion, gain more energy, experience better sleep, reduce mood swings, eliminate cravings, lose unwanted inches, or just feel better overall, you’re in the right place!
You can find more information on B and her programs at

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