Expanding Knowledge – From Snack Prep to Cars and Everything in Between!

The world of social media is a very funny thing. You try and figure out what it is that people like or want to see or read. I must admit I haven’t quite figured it all out yet. One thing that I find incredibly valuable through the platforms is the ability to be inspired. I try not to get hung up on other people’s “highlight reels” but I do enjoy seeing things that make we want to try something new. I am often inspired or motivated by other’s actions. I have noticed that I have gotten quite the bit of interest and from my “Sunday Kitchen Prep” posts on Instagram. As many of you know, I will typically spend a few hours in the kitchen on Sundays chopping fruits and veggies into containers to make the week a little easier to handle. Recently I have been posting favourite salad recipes, entertaining ideas or snack options. It’s funny what people gravitate to.

Here’s a look at my “Playdate” snack idea that I posted. I loved that some of you turned it into “Study Snacks” and sent me your pictures. That’s the interaction that I love about social media. As my brand ambassador role continues with Natural Food Pantry, I am expanding my own palette and trying new things. I must admit the pumpkin seed mix is a new favourite. Next week we will actually have a full segment with Natural Food Pantry on snack ideas for the summer.

Speaking of expanding my horizons, as I continue to broaden my knowledge of keeping my vehicle safe, I am reminded of the smaller issues that can occur and how simple the solutions can be. I’ve also learned that there are over a dozen vehicle maintenance services that Oil Changers provides in addition to the standard “Oil Change.” I drove through one of the worst rain storms last weekend driving back on the 401. It was so intense, most cars pulled over to the shoulder. Safety and visibility were the first things that came to mind, and to be honest we got through it because of how well the wiper blades worked. Over time, though, your wiper blades stretch out, which leads me into the topic of our latest Oil Changers video, one with a surprise guest!

As a part of the brand ambassador program, I am able to pass on the savings to you! Below please find a coupon for $7 off your new set of wiper blades, which can be used at any of the 30 Oil Changers locations across the city.

There’s also a new video from Continuum Fitness’s Sarah Zahab that has been posted to the site! I wanted to make sure we had covered all her segments – especially when the focus had been on pregnancy and diastasis recti. More can be found on my website.

The podcast released on Thursday was “Overcoming Obstacles and Breaking Down Barriers” with Mark Hatfield. I am starting to notice that those who have subscribed are jumping on the new segments quickly and it’s so great to see. The podcast is now on Castbox, a new new podcasting application.

Coming up this week, Mia St. Aubin, the founder of Parliament Hill Bootcamp (now to be known as Move Camp) is in the hot seat. She was amazing, talking candidly about her own personal struggles to find her place in the fitness industry, her beliefs and how she views her role in meeting her clients needs. There is much more to her strikingly beautiful physique then meets the eye and a hidden pain that needed to be overcome.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll touch base next Monday

Lianne xo